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This Is Our Moment By Robert Johns ... And ... Perfect Imperfection By Sonja Myriel RAouine ... And ...At The Still Point

This Is Our Moment By Robert Johns

Journey Within and discover the power of unconditional Love. Allow yourself to expand and raise your vibration into Love. Be at Peace, my dear One, with who you are and who you are becoming.

As you breathe release any tension Within your being. Sense your being expanding all around you. Gaze into your Heart. With all your senses experience the pulse of your Heart. Travel into each chamber of your Heart sense the power as your blood carries your Consciousness through each artery and capillary of your being and then your return journey into your Heart.

Are you expanding or is the Universe shrinking? You seek that space between thoughts, between the cells, that place of pure space and potential. In this space you are a point of Light, the beginning.

The Light you emanate is pure Unconditional Love and Cosmic Potential. This is the beginning, all karmic debt has been released, you are Healed and Whole.

What do you desire to create? This Reality is your blank canvas, your piece of marble, your ball of clay or your piece of paper and pen. Allow your Consciousness to seek your Hearts Desire and Truth and allow it to manifest in and expand into to your reality.

Hold and focus the energy of Love upon your manifestation as long as you can, and without judgment, without conditions and with the support of the Universe you will Create your Hearts Desire.

Let Go of all that you know or have been taught. Allow your Creation to manifest. You are a Sacred Child of Creator. Your power when aligned with Love is unlimited and undefinable. You are pure Love and potential and a gift to this world. I love you. Namaste.

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Perfect Imperfection By Sonja Myriel RAouine

You may have wondered what I have been doing, lately, as I was not online much. Well, I have surrendered to the miracles of LIFE and have taken my personal next steps on my path of Ascension – as YOU undoubtedly have, too!

You know, fear is no longer useful, no longer necessary, my dear brOTHERs and siSTARs! The Net of LOVE and LIGHT has been renewed and it is holding us ALL in its sweet embrace of LOVE, PEACE and HEALING! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Stay focused on and IN the light, wisdom, power and LOVE of the Creator – and hold open the doors of FORGIVENESS, including self-forgiveness. All lies are coming to the LIGHT now, bubbles of illusion bursting. And all that remains is the truth of our FEELINGS, the essence of our INTENTIONS, the SPIRIT of our mental clarity. Surrender! Surrender to the POWER of LOVE and Cosmic Wisdom and LET GO of the need to CONTROL! And as soon as you are arriving there, at the still point, the NOW moment of PEACE in the centre of your HEART, your fears will be healed and you will receive a new perspective through an elevated consciousness which from NOW on will hold you comfortably steady in the knowing that the only constant truth is CHANGE which is occurring everywhere and that this CHANGE is what we have been looking for, what we have been helping to CREATE for the better of all of humanity and all life on this planet, in this galaxy and universe!

On November 11 we are READY to WELCOME these CHANGES into our very lives!

11:11:11 is the doorway of ADJUSTMENT

NOW is the time to prepare for this adjustment, and Natalie Glasson’s latest channeling does exactly that: HELP US PREPARE for the ANCIENT ACTIVATION SHIFTso we can WELCOME back our DIVINE POTENTIAL to our lives! This Divine Potential within us connects us to our SOUL FAMILY and all who are on this planet with the SAME MISSION, which is to HELP in the ASCENSION PROCESS through our EXAMPLE and our personal experiences on the way of heightening our frequencies!

Please know that as warriors of the LIGHT we do not fight any outside enemy! Our attention is WITHIN and we are learning to tell when our frequency is low and when it is high – and identify the REASONS for it which ALWAYS have to do with our personal FOCUS which either distorts the truth - or highlights it. As warriors of the LIGHT we know that our worst enemy dwells within and that it cannot be beaten but, instead, it must be LOVED FREE by our unerring INTENTION to be brutally true with ourselves, all-forgiving in the knowing that ALL that we do, is the BEST we can do at any given moment and that our faults and errors are due to our limited awareness of how everything is connected and linked up with each other. Energy out – energy in!

You, who are reading this: WELCOME HOME!

On November 11: GATHER and CELEBRATE, EMPOWER your HEARTS and find PEACE and BALANCE as you EMBRACE the LOVE and the LIGHT of the CREATOR / CREATRESS – SOURCE! Be WILLING to let the TRUTH about your I AM PRESENCE sink in deeply … so deep that the COSMIC LOVE can HEAL your separatedness, your wound of isolation, your solitarity. May we not only SEE the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, but ENTER it!

11:11:11 is the doorway to the NEW EARTH, adjusting NOW.

More on the topic and on future changes at lightgrid and on connection times, soon!

Power, LOVE and Wisdom are igniting the Violet Flame BLESSINGS for each of us, our communities and ALL LIFE in this UNIVERSE!

May POWER, LOVE and WISDOM ignite the PORTAL of TRANSMUTATION on an individual, collective and universally cosmic level,

Sonja Myriel RAouine

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At the Still Point
More than 200 Net of Light groups meet regularly...... When I asked the Grandmothers about the benefit of these groups, this is some of what they said.
"When you meet, we walk among you, weave through the chairs and cushions you sit on, and touch each of you. ... Many of you have been searching a long time to fill an emptiness inside, to find a place that fits. Well, this is it," they said, and as they spoke, I saw puzzle pieces settling into their spaces. "Feel what it's like to have found your place.
"... A place of renewal, restoration and growing power," they explained."When you share with one another, meditate and sing together, you create a home place, a deep home place and we will hold this place for you. We have made it available and will hold it for all who come to be with us. Wherever you go, we will be with you and wherever you gather, we will deepen a place for you. Each time you meet, you will experience this resting point, this still point.
"If you have a worry, something on your mind that won't leave you alone, let it sit in this space with you. Don't try to make it go away, fight it or explain it away, but let it sit. Stay in the place we have created for you and let it sit there with you. Everything and everyone is included in this place," they said. "All are embraced here.
"If there is pain or distraction in your body, let that also rest with you, welcome and included. This is a place of deep rest, restoration and integration. Sink into it now while we hold you and magnify its power. It will support you and draw away everything that wears you out, everything that is not you. This is the still point, your point of being," they explained.
"When you come to this place it is time to rest. And you have no idea how much goes on during this so-called time of rest," they laughed."Because of your culture, you think of rest as a cessation of activity. As passive. Passive!" they looked incredulous and laughed again. "As opposed to active, which in your culture is god." Here they slapped one another on the back and dissolved in hilarity. When they finally quieted down again, they said, "You have no idea of the great work that takes place at the still point."
Chapter 15, p. 196-197 Our Love Is Our Power by Sharon McErlane
If you'd like to experience this place of restoration and power and join a Net of Light group, or start one, contact us at We too are here for you.
Sharon and the Net of Light team

Video - "Experience The Levels & Dimensions of Your Christ Consciousness"

The Journey By Francoise Bronn

The journey began long ago and has brought me to this place. I think about the things we have done, the experiences and reflect on what I've learned.
I keep returning to one thing...
The core of our being.
It is who we are, it is what always will be regardless of my body or my possessions.
It is Love. It is You.
We are reflections of what we give.
Give Love as this is You.

Re-create yourself anew in every moment in the grandest version of the greatest vision ever you had about WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

I AM God,
And All whom I see do I Love,
For I AM All I see
and I Love what I AM.

Each who comes to that Understanding will lift the whole of Consciousness by his/her Solitary Light.

And one by one you will return to a state of Unlimitedness,
Rich with the Pearls of Wisdom
That will allow you to Create more Wisely in the Eternity to come.

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