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My name is Lily. I joined the WitchSchool three days ago on a Free Trial. The high hopes I had when registering are very much burning bright still.

I joined because I was looking for a new way to learn about Witchcraft. I am 25 years old and have been a Solitaire Eclectic Wiccan since 2004. Solitaire not by choice. I cannot find anyone that I click with, or is Pagan in general. I have read a bunch of books, and feel it is time to start growing and seeking lessons from actual people I can communicate with and ask questions to. I found WitchSchool and really enjoyed the three days that I have been here. I immediately filled up my syllabus with the maximum 8 Courses and began digging deep into my studies. One thing I really enjoy is that this School is grounded in a tradition, so each different course has a combining thread that I find unique from other schools online. I read the first lesson of First Degree Correllian and I already want to call this Tradition my own. It resonated with me so strongly, down to the way it was taught. I loved having the video lessons attached so I can refresh my eyes and just listen if I want a reminder of the lesson. One thing I wish there was more of, mentors allowing new students. I would love a Mentor for each of my classes, as I'm sure everyone would - that's why they are all taken. Just a thought that I'm sure you all hear a lot of.

I don't know if posting a greeting on the Forums is allowed (if it's not, I will quickly delete it I apologize), but I wanted to stop being the shy Pagan that I am 24/7 and reach my hand out to whomever wants to reach back. I am looking for friends, and a Path to follow. I really really hope this is the place to do that. I hope this doesn't sound too silly, because I am genuine about it. I want to learn as much as I can about myself, what the Correllian Nativist Tradition can teach me, and also meet like-minded Pagans here.

Thank you so much for giving me this outlet, and taking the time to read my post.
Love and Light.


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MM Lily! Welcome to WitchSchool! We wish you well with your studies and hope you are enjoying them. It's a wonderful place to be and who knows where the journey may take you - It is such as exciting time for you so enjoy and thrive in it!!

Feel free to ask around if you need help or guidance with anything



Welcome! There are so many wonderful ones here -- Happy you're Enjoying this Journey. Blessings to You.

Thank you for that offer. Rev. Equinox SilverMoon thankfully offered their mentorship to me and I accepted. :)

Greetings Lily,

Welcome to WitchSchool. I seen from other posts that we are fairly close together geographically (I am in the Buffalo New York Area). I have been a part of WitchSchool since 2001 so if you have any questions feel free to ask.


Rev.KaiAidan, HPs

Hello Rev. KaiAidan

Thank you for the comment. It's very awesome to find local Pagans. Hopefully we can stay in contact.

Love and Light!

Greetings Lily, Welcome to the school!!


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