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What is Pagan Interfaith?

Pagan Interfaith is the understanding and involvement with the global religious community from a Pagan perspective. Pagan Interfaith is an engagement ministry developed from the 1993 Parliament of the World’s Religions, and has been a ongoing process that has brought Pagan connections across the globe.

Why now?

Witch School was conceived as part of the process to creating connections between people by sharing education and communication across the world.

Witch School has had a social site that began in 2009, as a supplement to WSI education. In the more than 3 years it has gained a following and tools to make a difference. This has become an activist site, capable of expanding on a global framework. This site has 35,000 members from 203 countries, many active in the social media world. This has become a leadership platform, and thus the change to Pagan Interfaith.
More to Come!

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♥)O(♥ ♣ Personally, I am quite saddened to see the name change... and particularly the new name choice. The name *Pagan Interfaith* is absolutely devoid of any magickal charisma or charm. It sounds like just a formal business attitude and extremely dry and boring. ♣ *Witch School* is a well~known Brand Name... and interested people seek it out. Also, people that were here before, and have been away for awhile, will not recognize the new name and they too may not like it. I assure you that many people that are members or previously active on this site will just leave. There are an infinite amount of other long established Interfaith Sites everywhere on the internet. They are usually also very boring and are not active. People Love site names that actually have an aura and name that is mystical and magickal ~creative names~ such a site can also engage in pagan interfaith networking. ♣ The name change having absolutely no charisma, that is planned for this Site on this year's Blessed YULE, and the date Ending of the Mayan Calendar, whatever transformations that brings... will also sadly mark the beginning of the End of this former *Witch School* site. ♣ Already... since the name change announcement, almost everyone has stopped posting and commenting here on this site. One improvement on the name would be *Pagan Metaphysical Academy & Interfaith* Or, you could change the word *Metaphysical* to *Magickal.* ♣ Just my humble and helpful suggestions. ♣ ♥)O(♥

I appreciate your ideas, and actually people had already stopped posting on here a while ago. In fact, since the name change there has been a small pick-up. Facebook, Pinterest, and similar sites have taken over the space for Social Media, and has long since drained that aspect.

The truth is not everyone will ever be happy with any change, and yet they will abandon sites that don't change. So that is always been true. This part of the site has functioned that way.

Witch School itself will continue, restoring the much more private educational system, and be far more open to people who want to study. The Ning experiment has shown that people wanted Witch School to be educational and not social. All the tools are available, and will be on

Once we begin the new site, we will have a level of curated information.

Changes concerning this are on hold for a little bit so the new leadership can get a handle on things before they start to change. Sorry for the delay.


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