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This is a little exercise that I learned a while back. The rules are quite simple: just tell us what obstacles in your life you've overcome. The purpose is (allegedly) to show others that it's possible to surpass these things, and by putting it in words, you recognize it yourself. 

Here's mine:

I was born with Sensory Processing Disorder. I wasn't diagnosed until I was fifteen. Until then, I was nearly a suicide risk. My hearing was so sensitive, and I jumped at every single sound. The sensory information bombarded me, and it got so overwhelming that I'd break down each day. I'd act out because school was a hostile environment; my teachers yelled at me, punished me for my coping strategies, and my peers teased me for being different. 

I was never diagnosed with SPD until I was fifteen. Fifteen long, long years of being told I was weird, abnormal, and generally worthless made me believe it. I thought that I was just a genetic failure. A mistake. That nobody would miss me if I went. Even today, my self-esteem is low. But then, it was through the floor. I was afraid of everything, I had (literally - I counted) four friends, and over twenty times that in enemies. I shielded myself from the world, and entered my own. 

Now, I see my therapist weekly. I'm happy with what I do and who I am. I've got many more friends who support me and love me for who I am. People have grown up, and nobody taunts me for being different anymore. 

My advice to people with SPD, and just people in general? DON'T GIVE UP!! It CAN be done, and this CAN be overcome! Yes, it's a burden, and yes it can be pure hell, but it's all worth it in the end. 

I can't wait to hear everyone's stories! Just from chatting to people in general, I've heard some wonderful success stories.

Blessed Be!

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I was born with my heart not fully formed, the doctors gave me 90% chance of dieing on the table, now 26 years later i am doing great, I have been released for 10 years from the the doc.

not much but hope it encourages someone out there
Ok here is mine... I am 40 years old I have 3 just started his first year of youngest is 13.. in 2002 I was told I could not have any more children..Upset me but I had 3 so I was ok with it...13 years later and 40 I got surprise...shock...etc... I just knew he was a magical baby...given to me in a bad time of my life as a gift.. When he was 2 months old he was diagnosed with Sagittal Craniosynostosis.. All babies are born with sutures in the skull..those sutures with the exception of one (soft spot) should not close..These sutures allow the brain to grow normally as the head grows.. The only treatment is a MCVR...(Major Craniovault reconstruction) another words..they have to cut open his head re-open the closed sutures and reconstruct the skull if deformity's are there...My son had Frontal Bossing...which is a fancy word for his forehead was sticking out farther than it should... At 4 months of age we had the surgery... The energy my friends and family threw at me was incredible.. the morning of his surgery...I sat at my altar and just prayed and cried...not to take him from me... When they came and got him from my arms...I was as calm as anyone could be...A complete and utter peace washed over me at that moment and continued until 7 hours later when we were able to see him for the first time..He only spent 4 days in the hospital and he is now a thriving 9 month old child...He does have a scar from ear to ear...but his hair is filling in nicely and you cannot see it very much anymore...
My point.... You dont know how much strength you have until you no choice...A or Aunt...has enough strength to get through life's lil just have to ask for it...

Love N Light


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