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I am putting up a new page as a pdf that is by Becca. She wrote the text for the Wiccan Rosary, and I designed the page that it is on. I wanted to share this with all of you here in the group because I think Becca did a really nice job.
Click on the link below.

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Good job!

Very very nice. You did a wonderful job and I am so glad that Mary Ann shared it with us
Beautiful, congratulations on a lovely piece of writing and many thanks for allowing us all to view it.!!!
Rev. Becca,

Thank you for sharing this. I have seen these rosaries but never knew how to make one. This is a BOS keeper! Excellently written instructions, and Maryann lovely page layout. Nicely done both of you. I appreciate it.

Oh my, this is so very lovely it brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. Thanks to Becca for the text and to MaryAnn for posting it. BB ~M~
It is lovely. This will be nice to include in a daily devotional.
Thank you so much for sharing. Very Awesome piece of work. I too shall be using this in my daily prayers.

Brightest Blessings
This is a really good version of a Wiccan Rosary. I have been searching for Wiccan themed prayer beads for a long time. I found a version online at: . The only problem was that it was 127 beads, all of different sizes and made of many different materials; some made of different metals, some of bone, some of wood and so forth and so on. It was a very lengthy recitation as well. I also didn't like the way the recitation was themed and to whom it was praying, but I definitely liked this version of the WIccan Rosary much better. Thank you very much for sharing this version with me, I also agree with those who said they would use this in their devotionals. It is a very short version which I think is best for those who wish to have time set aside for prayers. Again, thank you.

More than just a text, MaryAnn actually creates real Wiccan rosaries. We should encourage her to bring them onto our site to be for sale. What do you think?

Witch School
That would be awesome to have something like that here on the website. Maybe even an instructional guide where we can learn to make our own. I would be all for it.
I agree!
Rev Toni
I'd like to show off the rosary MaryAnn made for me. She put a lot of work into it, and it's amazing, because she custom made it for me. She's awesome!

Just in case any of you are wondering, I think she's up for doing custom made ones for anyone interested. You should get a hold of her and see what's going on with that. I've got mine put on my altar.



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