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I am putting up a new page as a pdf that is by Becca. She wrote the text for the Wiccan Rosary, and I designed the page that it is on. I wanted to share this with all of you here in the group because I think Becca did a really nice job.
Click on the link below.

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MaryAnn, thank YOU! How do I get ahold of Rev. Becca to inquire about permission?
If you wll go back to page 2 of this discussion and click on her link you can send her a message that way.
Oh, shoot! Her profile is set to private.... can't get a message TO her via WSI.ning....

I'll look around and see if I can contact her another way...

Thank you very much , MaryAnn!
Blessed BE!
I really liked this alot. Ya'll did a fantastic job. Once Yule is over and everything settles down here I'm going to make myself one.

Sky Wolf
I have something to add to this if anyone is interested there are also Wiccan Prayer Beads and Wiccan Meditation Beads they are a different layout and also really neat. They sell them at but if you are crafty they are simple to make and you can make them custom for yourself using stones that mean something to you. I make these as well but since I took the pictures from pagan mart I thought I should give them credit.
I decided to make some prayer beads last night just to try it out the pics are fuzzy and don't really do it justice but I need a new camera. I am going to call them Nature Witch's Prayer Beads. They are made from all wood beads with gold colored triangles in between and a cold clasp. The leaf used as the tip has a small bell that jingles on it and the center has a gold square with a fake pink topaz (CZ) in the center. The white beads have small black disks on either side that look much like a full moon with two dark halves on each side.

MaryAnn, What is wiccan rosery? Just curious. Thanks Viv
See the pdf link at top of page. Wiccan rosary is similar to Catholic rosary but with different beads and meanings. There are different types including what is called a Witches' Ladder. They can be used for prayers, ritual, and meditation. I have a page of them on my website at if you want to see more pictures.
I do I get this file to open in microsoft word????
This is not a word file, it is a pdf file. You need to have acrobat 8 or later
thank you for sharing, its handy!
Lovely bead rosary. I think I will make one.


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