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I am putting up a new page as a pdf that is by Becca. She wrote the text for the Wiccan Rosary, and I designed the page that it is on. I wanted to share this with all of you here in the group because I think Becca did a really nice job.
Click on the link below.

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amazing :) i love it!
This is great! Are there any actual instructions on how to construct the rosary itself? As in what type of beads to use etc.
The beads can be strung on thread, silk cord, or nylon filament. What types of beads you use is really up to you. Some people have certain color preferences or might like a type of gemstone for its properties. You can find a list of gemstone meanings at:

I also have a more detailed list on my website at:

The picture below is one I made for Becca. It might give you some ideas on how to construct your own.

Thank you so much Maryann. I really love the one in the pic. Definitely got some ideas running around my head now lol.

Many many thanks.
great piece and thank you for sharing. I didn't know how to make one, but now I do!
Wow its excellent. Nice design too! :)
Thank you for posting this. It is beautiful.
Bright Blessings to you.
I read the article about the Wiccan Rosary. I love it. It is a nice way to affirm your belief in the God and the Goddess. It honors them and serves as a reminder to all of us and where we came from.
I wanted to send blessings to you both. This is wonderful.

Thank you
Could you send me a wiccan rosary please? Thank you very much
its an awesome idea. I've had one made at a local store here, they let me pick out all the gems and everything, they liked it so much I printed off the prayer sheet with the picture of the rosary on it for them, and gave them this link.


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