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Hail and welcome to you all!!

WITCHSCHOOL now has an place to come to if you are into playing virtual lifes/games!!!

The shrine of the Wild Moon lead by Earthstar is live!! We are seeking other Witchschoolers who are players of Second Life that are wanting to hook up with us !

We have social gatherings, temple workings and rituals!

Rev. Earthstar, Rev. Cherrie and me are there to welcome you! And if you don't have any place to stay, we do have a sanctuary with a couple rooms that you can stay in.

Come meet with us here!

Brightest blessings,

Rev. Lilith (aka RevLilith Wizardly on SL if you want to find me)

P.s. DO yourself a huge favor and do NOT download the official SLviewer. This one is too hard to figure out for anybody! But sssshh do not tell linden labs i told you that! grins
Instead go here for a 3rd party official viewer and find the right viewer for your system!

We really love to meet you all!

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Awesome Lilith!


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