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Dear Members,

We hope this finds you well and in happiness and joy. As this is the holiday season for many of us, across a series of traditions and faiths, we hope that you find yourself enjoying celebrations with friends and family. Today we are talking about Free Monthly Memberships and a shift in Witch School’s Social Media.

Free Monthly Membership

Looking to share Witch School with friends and family. We offer a free monthly membership, just go to the school site, and follow the directions below:

We are offering a free month at WSI. If you wish to try the school for 1 month, please put in the coupon code where it asks for it on your Announcements page when you first log on, inside the news box. Click on the Next button until you see:
Monthly membership Gift Certificates
Redeem them by clicking the link Below.
Redeem Your Gift Certificate.
CDB7 is the code to enter

Feel free to share and enjoy!
Witch School Social Site to Become Pagan Interfaith

Our Witch School central class site, Witch School International, does a fantastic job of offering classes, and has recently added over 50 new classes for our students. We have no plans to change the instructional platform, as we are committed deeply to the concept of a lifetime of education. This site is a private one, and is focused on providing global education through the central site as well as WitchSchool Europe, United Kingdom, Spanish and South Africa. This is something that will remain, with ease of access upgrades and other functional improvements in the near future.

Witch School Ning site, which has been our Social Site, will be transformed into Pagan Interfaith, at This will become an outreach for Witch School to work with a much larger global community. We are taking this action in order to recognize that our WSI members and graduates have moved into the Pagan Community Leadership Worldwide, including Covenant of the Goddess, Circle Sanctuary, Pagan Pride International, Pagan Federation, and numerous others. This is important, as our global student body has applied their studies to the world and made a terrific difference. In order to support those leaders and members who want to be part of the larger Pagan community, we can use this social site as a gateway for beginners, members in training, and long time members to reach the community.

This change will happen on 12/21/2012. This change will not in any way affect your Witch School Membership, and will enhance the experience of being part of the community. We are hoping that you will join us, and you can watch for updates at

Witch School Store Second Chance Sale

Missed that first Holiday sale? Dec 7-10 Use code Secondchancesale for 20 % off on Books, Jewelry, Stones, Incense & Oil, plus Kitchen Witchery!

Please check out:

Supporting Witch School!

We are grateful to all those who support us as we carry out our mission of outreach and education. We offer a simple way to support through memberships, which is our primary source of support. This is also a great gift of a lifetime of education. If you are not a supporting member, please consider becoming one this holiday season, and even offer this as a gift to those you love.

Find out more:

Thank You for Your Support and joining us in changing the world a little every day.

Ed Hubbard

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this is great news Ed very much want to be involved and support this.

Thank You David. The number 1 thing we will need is individuals to represent and to write about different faiths.

Well, I probably don't log on as much as I should. Shhhh...... but I love the idea as well. I love the fact that the WSI site keeps looking to the future and moving forward with upgrades, additions, classes, etc. To all the WSI staff, GREAT JOB ! I look forward to the many changes ahead.

Many blessings !

Thank You and we do try. It is not a stand around we live in.

Why waste the date, and the original was Jan.1st, but with Oberon doing a global ritual, and others we could not resist.


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