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As we do from time to time, we are are looking for your input at what to do in 2014? Anything you would like or see as important.

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The Reiki course is coming and it is amazing. is looking to add classes,a dn that is a major goal this year.

I would like to see each of us have more control over our postings , as when it says post now , it means just that .... so fix this program . I would also like to see more administration pay closer attention in modering this site , very sloppy job lately , at least from my point of view. And Ed I would rather not see you boast about your ' ego', in chat rooms , how cute you are , this does not sound very professional, when we are dealing with young adults , your old enough to be their grand father . And when I ask a question , I would ask that you answer and not be gained upon by the rest of your teen age lovers .... very immature if you ask me ..... and if you wish to delete this fine , I just call it as I see it ..... BB

As for control of postings, that is for the staff to decide. The problem comes down to trolls and spammers. So the staff does a great job.

As for Chatroom, what the F##K are you talking about? I do not do chat rooms as I find them obnoxious most of the time. So whatever slander you are posting here is based on some false information. Like I said, I am never in chatrooms, have no teen age lovers, or care what the hell people think of be careful in your outright slander.

I won't delete your post but answer it and ask you to prove your allegations Show me when I am in the chat room and doing this, take a screen shot, and it will be dealt with. Otherwise you are simply lieing about my antics.

Maryann and many others would be surprised to see that....where do you think I have these people? Like I said, you are living in a fantasy, and outright slandering me with these accusations.


Well I have just gotten involved again with witch school ... My name Is Rev. Sage. I live in Alaska. I have been away working with Zombie Guard. I am a Tattoo Artist. Raised a family of boys who all play HEAVY music. So I am probably the Youngest old Lady you will ever know. I am 56 years old and Intend on talking to you where you are at.
So here goes Young one.... What is it that you would like Witch School to teach you. What stuff can I do to help you learn. Oh and you really need to realize you will be learning from us old folk because young folk like yourself are busy learning not teaching... So find some geezer witch to help you that you get like talking with and enjoy growing up........ Rev. Sage

I just had a friend read this and he made me make a correction I am NOT the youngest old Lady you will ever know.. Then he reminded me of a few of my biker friends... So Ok... they may act a little younger than me. ROFL
Rev. Sage

I would like to see all the groups gone over and the inactive ones removed. A group or page for volunteer opportunities within the tradition would also be a nice add to the site.

i would love to see a "blueprint" style info on starting a group in my area. I have a couple of friends who are interested as well...but we have each always been solitary and it is a big new, overwhelming, and intimidating to think of how to start and work/train etc together.

Yes I know what you mean Tanya. I am also a solitary, although I follow a "coven" in the virtual world.

Ill look into getting something like this set up. both for on and offline groups.

If you have anything specific you would like it to cover drop me an email at

1) Voice Chat with mentors and other students
2) Greek language support for all major lessons

I would agree. I would like a layout for how to start a local group. We have to go two counties over to get in a group and it is a mixed group that has a hard time staying together.

I would like very much to see the school accredited. I have taken many of the courses and think that the study and testing are very rigorous. So why not see if the classes taught could actually be given for collage credit? I for one would love to have a degree in Corrillian Wicca that would be recognized world wide!!!! I always post positive things about this school and would like for it to be taken as seriously by the academics as I do!


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