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As we do from time to time, we are are looking for your input at what to do in 2014? Anything you would like or see as important.

Keep Growing

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Such a good point Maighread. I would love that as well.

I think the moderated blogs at the top of the site sux. Sux big time.

Forum posts are obscure at the bottom. Makes me not want to participate.

Tried to do a personal blog and it told me it has to be approved, so I didn't bother.

I have no idea why you think a lack of freedom to post, and forum posts hidden at the bottom would lead to a vibrant participatory community??

Quite frankly ever since that change has occurred, the conversation here has died.

Doreen Virtue says I should never apologise for my feelings. There it is!

Let's shake things up. Let's become a busier community than that lame Wiccanstogether site :P

We moderate to prevent trolls as well as spam. you would be surprised how many drug adds we delete each day.

Why do you feel the forum posts are hidden? They are there on the front page. What would you feel would make them less "Obscured"?

We actually have a system that allows people to share information with others and save it to our class site for future students and to make sure the information is not lost.

Its the Community Classes link on the class site. Give it a look and see if that is what you are talking about. Its open to all members of the site. Still a work in progress so if that is what you meant but you have ideas for improvement let me know.

Here is my full response. I found some good points from several members here. One is the idea of a monthly blog which would incorporate a listing of new classes, videos, etc. I tend to forget to login into the site because I get busy. A newsletter would be the perfect way to get me back more regularly.
I like the idea also from another member to get the school accredited. I don't know if that is possible.
Misc: I don't really have anything else to say about the website except that I love it. I would love to see even more classes on various subject. I find everything fascinating.
Keep up the good work.

We are going to work on the monthly newsletter for the school itself. Thanks for the feedback.

Latin for beginners so I can help my magic make sense. More files in the library I read a lot. I love school. witch school is the best to come too as I learn a lot.

I agree keep growing I'm glad I found u guys!!! As soon as I can pay my 5.00 I will so I can start learning. Thanks Twila.

The only thing I care about that needs changing here is simple:

Remove the timers on reading the classes so I can proceed at the pace *I* want to.
The timers are gimmicky and annoying. I realize it may help some people to pace themselves, but I don't need to have my hand held to determine how quick to take in information. For me, the timers demotivate me because with my personality I GO GO GO when I'm passionately interested in something and I do nothing when I'm not passionately interested.Unfortunately, that means that all my progress comes in *BURSTS* on *everything I do*. I'm an illustrator and I'll go months without drawing anything at all then suddenly draw like made for two months solid and produce mad progress. That's just how I am. Your school being setup how it is means that someone like me (and I assure you I'm not the only person who functions this way. I run into my type all the time in the art community.) will never be able to really get the most out of your program. It is a big disappointment because I was interested in your subject matter and I wanted to be a supporting member and start studying some of the subjects here that I want to improve on, and some of the subjects I'm just interested in knowing about even if they're not for me. I'd have been a big supporter and an advertiser as I'm involved in a lot of pagan groups but I'm not pushing the service until it is actually a reasonable fit for myself and others like me. Remove the timers so people can *actually* progress at their own pace and you've got my support. Until then, I'll keep watching and hoping something actually changes.

I second this. I agree whole heartedly.

I find that when there is a month to go to the next lesson, I may have the energy/focus a week later... then I have to wait... then when the time comes it's often not convenient. So sometimes I will have 2 months between lessons!!!! There has to be a middle ground.

I can relate to this as well. My pace may not be the same as someone else. I also suffer from fibromyalgia and some days/weeks I may be incredibly limited in what i am able to do, then another time I am crazy busy ... maybe catching up with life but this is how my brain and body work. I become less able to keep up when a timer is put in front of me stopping me from proceeding when i am able to. I understand some of the reasons the timers are there but it can be limiting to many of us for completely innocent reasons.

Yeah... we understand that. I don't care how you space the Correllian Degree course as that doesn't interest me. What I care about is the regular classes being able to be progressed through at *my* pace. I don't need 4 paragraphs of text to sink in for a week before I can read a bit more. I'd rather read a few lessons, practice the knowledge as I feel I should, then read more lessons as I feel is right for me.

Seriously, you'll never get a sub out of me until I can progress at a pace that *I* want to progress at. I'm not a kid. I'm not a teenager. I don't need hand-holding. I just want access to good information and I will teach *myself* with that. That's what I do. So why must you make it take a week for me to be able to read more if I feel like reading more now? Make pacing an option if you must, but remove it as a requirement.


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