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You Are Now The Change You Wish To See By Lea Chapin ... Ann ... Do You Hear What I Hear? By Shanta Gabriel ... And ... A Love Beyond Limits By Ann Albers

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You Throughout The New Year,

Steven Hutchinson

You Are Now The Change You Wish To See By Lea Chapin

Mary Magdalene's Holy Family Messages .....

Greetings Dear One, yes it is I, Mary Magdalene. Yeshua is here as well. We say to you Dear Children of the Light, that this is a very special time, and we thank you for allowing us to become a part of your own family of light. We are all here by Divine Appointment and by Divine Purpose to help assist humanity to rise in consciousness, and to help Mother Gaia to ascend into her rightful place and position as the planet of love.

Today as each of you move forward into this holiday season, celebrating the birth of Dear Yeshua, as you anticipate the excitement of a new year and a new frequency and a new vibration, we ask you to begin to hold your intentions very firmly today in your mind of what you wish to create and what you wish to bring forward.

This is truly a powerful vibration frequency that is being emitted upon the planet at this time. So many of the lightworkers are being infused with this clearing, and as you know, there has been so much transformation upon the planet. Each of you have gone through a major shift of consciousness within your own vibratory frequency, that it is of grave importance for each of you to hold this level of joy, excitement and expectancy within your being.

Dear Ones, please take a deep, inhaling breath and begin to breathe in the vibration of joy, calling in this frequency, holding the essence of joy within your being. Joy is the totality of all that is, it is the energy of the God essence. As you begin to feel this vibration, you are able to begin to tap into the God essence, and to begin to feel the excitement and the frequency of the Great Creator.

Please allow yourself to feel this essence, to feel this essence, and to feel the light of God’s energy upon your soul. Take a deep, deep, deep breath and begin to breathe, holding in the light, holding in the love, holding this as if you are holding it within your breath. Infusing your body with this vibrational frequency of joy. Allowing every cell, every fiber, every pore of your being to be infused with joy.

Feel the excitement and energy of divine joy in action, allowing your heart to open and your mind to be healed, allowing the energy and the essence of peace, tranquility and joy to enter into your physicality. Simply breathe. Breathe in the vibration of joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world.

As you may realize, Dearest Children, there is a veil that has been lifted, as the energy upon this planet is now set free, so that all of us are now able to receive the light, love, and the energy from Mother/Father/God and the Galactic Brothers and Sisters, and the Angelic Realm, and all the family of light that has been assisting this planet.

Breathe these new frequencies and new light codes in and feel them become part of you, allowing you and all souls to be able to move forward into their pathway with grace and ease. It is as if the doors have been unlocked and all are set free.

So you see, Dearest Children, this is the excitement that people are feeling at a subconscious, or perhaps even on a conscious level, they are feeling this level of excitement into this new year of 2019, that there is something that is new, there is something that is happening, there is something that is different, there is something that is able to now set all free to move forward into their rightful place, and to move into the work that they have agreed to do. And all are now moving forward into their mission work, and completing their soul pathway with grace and ease. I ask you to breathe this vibration in, call it into your heart. Call it into your heart and allow yourself to feel free.

Truly know that all is in order and all is as it should be. Simply begin to breathe into the light, and into the love, and into this frequency of great joy. Be joy for yourself and the world. The world has now been set free.

Know Dearest Ones that whatever has been holding you back, perhaps in your own mind, perhaps in your own belief system, perhaps energy that has been stuck within your body, is now able to be set free. Begin to feel this vibration and this energy moving through you, allowing yourself to clear out the old patterns and the old imprints and the old frequencies that no longer serve you. Perhaps memories, unforgiveness, resentment, lack, pain, sorrow, whatever it might be.

Take a deep breath and release this, as the energy of transformation is now moving through you. Breathe my children, breathe. Breathe this energy through you and into everything that comes into your awareness as you do so. Call this light and this frequency of joy in its jubilance and its lightness, for as the blocks clear out, you begin to feel a vibration of lightness throughout your being.

Begin to allow yourself to feel the expectancy and the anticipation that your life as you know it will soon begin to change for the better, that everything will begin to fall into place one by one by one. Your heart’s desires shall be met and manifested. One by one by one.

Truly now, Dearest Children, let go and let God. Each and every day we ask you to hold this intention of the vibration and the excitement of joy, until your manifested desires come into fruition. Be in gratitude and give thanks in advance that what you desire is made manifest.

Dear Sons and Daughters of Light, it is of grave importance to honor the blessed soul that you are, to begin to feel your magnificence, to know that you are a creator and co-creator with the Great Supreme One, and that it is truly your birthright to receive. Letting go and letting God. Letting go and letting God.

Truly allowing yourself to receive, as you open your heart to the pure blessings that are now bestowed upon you. Feel this energy, feel this frequency, feel this love. Feel the light as this vibration of joy now begins to settle within your heart, and as you feel the excitement, feel the anticipation of this powerful frequency emitting through your soul.

I ask you at this time to seal this energy within your very essence, and imagine that this energy of joy is surrounding your auric field, surrounding your physical body, and you are a living beacon of joy, bringing joy to others. Joy to the world. With every step that you take you are infusing this vibration into the earth.

This is how peace shall prevail, and this is how others will open their hearts to this frequency. With every step that you are taking you are imprinting and infusing the vibration of joy into Mother Gaia. She is now able to ascend into the vibration of peace, love and joy, as you are also able to ascend with her, as you ascend in consciousness, you are holding this vibration within your being.

Now at this time, allow your heart to open, and all that is in need and suffering receive your love and joy. Can you imagine that this energy of joy is being flooded onto the earth? That the energy that you are bringing forward is affecting your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your children, all those you love. The earth itself. All lifeforms. Can you feel this energy as you are now emitting it onto the planet? As if wave upon wave upon wave of joy is now being released from your auric field, and you are creating and bringing happiness to those around you.

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You are now the change you wish to see. So Dear Ones, begin to feel this within your heart, and know that the time has come for this planet and all lifeforms to be free. Yeshua and I, along with many others, have infused this energy of balance & joy upon the earth plane. Today as we celebrate the birth of Christ, as we celebrate this time and the season of my beloved, it is of grave importance that we gift you this vibration and frequency of joy.

Time and time again, humanity has suffered, and has lost the connection to joy. Today as this is being brought forth, may all begin to receive and feel it within their hearts. And may it remain not just a temporary, elusive feeling, but a permanent and everlasting vibration that you hold and carry within your being.

You will begin to see the changes around the world, you will begin to see the changes in peoples’ attitudes, you will begin to see the excitement as people begin to realize that they are here and that their dreams and desires are manifesting, and they are able to shift their consciousness, with purpose and intent.

Today, Dearest Ones, hold this collective intention for peace and love and joy to prevail upon this planet. Peace, love and joy. Hold this intention for your own lives, and for all those that you love, that they seek and so shall they find.Today, Dearest Ones, all of you are beautiful conduits of light, and you are affecting this earth far more than you can imagine. So we ask you to hold this frequency within your heart and be at peace. Be still and know that you are loved. Feel the essence and the presence of God’s living light upon your soul.

Today is a day of powerful transformation. If you so agree, you will now shift your vibration into the frequency of joy, and your life will become a living mantra, and miracles and magic shall occur. Just as Yeshua has given his new teachings, the new essence of his teachings at our last gathering, as he has given this gift to each of you, we now ask that you call in this last vibration of joy that he has gifted. It is truly the completion of the soul journey. When one is able to find joy within their life and remain consistently happy and joyful, and be present in this vibration, they have become a master, a living master, walking upon this earth plane with joy within their hearts.

All lifeforms and all sentient beings are ready to live in their full expression, and to be at peace. So Dearest Children if you find the strength to honor yourself, and to acknowledge that you are worthy to receive these divine gifts, it is divine timing. For as we have said, the veil has been lifted, the darkness over this planet has been transmuted, and the new energies are able to supersede and to transform all that is not of the light.

So the beautiful light particles of the Great I AM & Divine Joy are now entering upon this planet like snowflakes falling from the sky. You can see a shift in the consciousness of even what we call the hardest of hearts, and begin to feel this, as if something has overtaken them, and there is love and joy within the air.

So Dearest Ones feel the excitement and the anticipation, and feel the presence of the God essence living within your soul. Every moment begin to feel the energy of God, the energy of joy, that is the essence of God. Feel it within your heart.

Extend your hand to your brother and sister, to those in need. Feel their peace, feel their love, feel their kindness, and yes, extend your hand to those who need your love.

Dear Ones as we allow you to feel this vibration, begin to see your hearts and awareness now opening into the crystalline core of Mother Earth, into the very heartbeat off the Mother.

Your heart is now beating in resonance with the Great Earth Mother. Feel her compassion, feel her love, feel her joy as she thanks you for your service and dedication onto her and all of life. This is a day that God has gifted you, this is a day that Yeshua has gifted you. As you receive these frequencies, and the new gifts that Yeshua has brought to you and to the earth, first beginning with love and ending with joy, feel this presence within your heart. May you welcome this new year and the excitement and the anticipation of sharing your joy with others.

Each of you have a special assignment, a special purpose and a special mission. Begin to open your heart and begin to feel it, as you are teachers and leaders, healers and wayshowers.

Know that for many of you your work has yet to begin, and you are supported by the energy of all that is. Never give up on your hopes and your dreams, allow yourself to see the manifested energy come forth, easily and effortlessly, in divine grace.

One by one by one each of you shall move forward into the divine alignment to the truth of who you are. You will feel this presence and essence of all that is. This is an extremely powerful time and this message is of great significance. We cannot bring it lightly to you, we ask you to consider this as truth, that you are truly co-creators with the God essence, and that the energy is there available to you to co-create and to bring all your dreams and desires into manifestation. This is our gift to you, this is our gift to humanity.

We know that it has been a long journey for many, and yet the struggle is over. The time is now. Peace shall truly prevail upon your soul. Your hearts will open with this beautiful blossoming of energy.

As if you are like a new, young budding rose bud, blossoming into your beauty. And your life is anew and rich, with the power of your spirit, and you are holding the vibration of joy for all the world to see and all the world to know.

Begin to feel your beauty, begin to feel your strength, begin to feel your commitment to yourself, to your mission, to your purpose, to the energy of the Great Creator and to Mother Gaia. Yeshua and I are honored and we are blessed to stand with you, as you leave the old energy behind and move into this new year of 2019 with the energy, the vitality of the beautiful spirit that you are...the young, beautiful spirit that first came to this planet with eagerness and anticipation. You will be reborn again into your spirit, renewed again into your spirit. You will feel this excitement and this expectancy and this joy as you now enter in to this state of grace.

Glory to you, Dearest Children, that you have allowed yourself to shift yourself into this beautiful frequency of joy. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world. Spread it wherever you go and be at peace. Thank you for the living light that you are, go now my children, and until we speak again, remember, we stand with you and we stand in the frequency of the Great Godhead, which is truly the energy of joy. Go forth and be at peace.

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Do You Hear What I Hear? By Shanta Gabriel


Receiving the Gifts of This Holy Season


Please listen to the gift of our Christmas meditation here

Dear Ones,

Hark! The Herald Angels are singing. Can you hear the Angel voices? The Angels are calling you to rejoice in the Divine Love and the Light streaming onto the planet during this special time called Christmas.

Can you hear the Angels whispering to you? Listen with your heart. Allow your whole being to be receptive to these Divine Messengers who have watched over you throughout your Soul’s existence. They are here now with one voice singing for Peace on Earth and Harmony within all beings. Making a joyful noise, they offer you the gifts of Divine Light, Grace and a Love beyond your understanding. Receive it into your heart and shine this blessed Light out into the world.

Being receptive allows the gift of Divine Grace to fill your being. Grace is needed to sanctify the Earth, and to bring greater coherence, respect and an honoring of the gifts the Earth supplies freely in abundance. When humans honor the Earth, they also honor the elements of themselves that make up the Earth.

Your Birthright

In fact, it is your birthright to live in harmony with the Earth, to feel Divine Love in your being and the power of Light surging through you in ever-increasing waves. Allow Light to spark every cell in your body and increase love within your being. As you do this, you glow as a radiant light. It shines forth from you and you become the Light to the World that the earth needs right now.

Becoming a Light to the world is not arrogant. When one carries conscious awareness of a greater Truth that benefits all, it is a part of your Soul Purpose. While the apparent darkness of chaos and fear are so obvious, there is no greater need than more Light and Love in life. At this holy time, the Light of the Christ energy is more available than ever before. This blessing carries Divine Love into your heart and out into your world.

Feel this Light in you that holds the divine qualities of Wisdom and Love, and share it with others through your blessings. Radiate Light to your government and the world leaders. Send it to areas of chaos in the world, and to those who work hard to ease the suffering in those places. Transmit the blessings of Divine Light to the environment, and to all the living beings on your beautiful planet.

Shine the healing Light onto yourself and your families. This activates the power that inspires you into Divine Right Action. This blessed Divine Light brings more harmony into your heart and overcomes hopelessness within yourself and the world.

And then there were Angels

As you celebrate the gifts of this Christmas season, there are many who remember the presence of Angels during this time more than at any other time of the year.

Legions of Angels are gathering ever nearer the earth now, drawn by the prayers and the thoughts of so many people during the Christmas season. This is a tremendous blessing that opens your heart to more love and allows your mind to receive a greater level of Divine Grace.

It is a good time to take a moment to honor and connect with your Angelic guides. Ask for personal assistance in all areas of your life and listen – really listen, as the Angels whisper in your heart. They want you to follow your heart’s message and feel the guidance available to you from the spiritual realms.

Archangel Gabriel and the Realm of Archangels

At this holy time of the year, there is also more awareness of the Archangels.

Archangel Gabriel holds the empowerment for the winter season, and stories abound of his intervention throughout the ages during the darkest nights. The Archangels are given Divine charge over all communities, nations and seasons.

Join with the Angelic Dimensions to spread this Light through your own life and accelerate the prayers for healing of all nations and families. Use this exalted Divine Light to bring greater consciousness through you and all beings on Earth. This energy can make a true difference, inspiring Peace within all hearts.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas

The realms of the Angels are available as never before during this holy window of time. There is a stillness within this season that pervades the northern hemispheres as the Earth sleeps in the darkest time of the year. People know the sunlight will return, and it is the same with the spiritual realms. With Faith, you KNOW that in the darkest of times, the Divine Light will prevail.

There are ancient traditions that honor the return of the Light following the Winter Solstice. As you allow your Soul to rest in the depth of the darkness, you can symbolically come into the clarity of the Light and receive a much-needed gift by creating a personal ritual for this time that has meaning for you.

Peace on Earth and Good Will Prevails

By creating your personal traditions and meaningful ritual for this Holy Season, you can use the spiritual support that is available to you. With this support and your clear intentions, you can experience transformation within your being and blessings in your life. Do not let the material world overpower the beauty and depth that truly exists during this special time.

Allow Divine Light to enlighten your mind and heart, and illuminate every cell and fiber of your being. Your willingness and open-hearted acceptance of Divine Love blesses your body, mind and spirit. Receive this gift and allow the Light of the Christ to be born within you during this Holy Season.

Let the sacred presence of Divine Light shine forth from your heart so there may truly be Peace on Earth and Good Will between all beings.

And so it is.

Shanta Gabriel For Archangel Gabriel
Copyright: December 22, 2018


Accessing the 12 Holy Nights

Consider the beauty of the symbols within the Twelve Nights of Christmas (from December 24 through January 5). You can use this time as an inner journey to give birth to the light in your being, and illuminate the darkness within and around you.

As the Archangels use this powerful time to end separation, they create an opportunity for true Peace on Earth when this empowered energy is focused on peaceful coexistence.

The Twelve Nights of Christmas act as windows to your Soul’s Purpose and can empower your New Year.

And, during the 12 Holy Nights, the Archangels freely erase all boundaries between nations and factions. The Light of True Peace prevails in the Heavenly realms and is available to be called forth onto the Earth.

Learn more about the powerful Holy Nights here.


May this Christmas be a blessing to you and all humanity, as together we hold the Divine Intentions for Peace on Earth and Good Will within all Beings.

In Loving Kindness,

Video - "The Healing Chambers of The Archangels Are Here For You Now !"

Walk In Beauty And Live In Trust By Shanta Gabriel

The Gabriel Message Card for this Week: Walk In Beauty, Live In Trust, & Know The Benevolent Love Of God Guides Your Way

Shanta's Message .....

There has been a long road stretching from the time I first received this message from Archangel Gabriel in 1995 to making this message into my way of life.

I was going to teach my first class in another state and was nervous about the prospect ahead of me. At that time, and even now in certain situations, it is difficult to admit in public that I have been listening to an Archangel speak to me. When I asked what it was I needed to remember most about the upcoming journey, I received this message. It remains one of my favorites to this day.

When I remember to walk in Beauty, it means to honor the gifts of this amazing Earth and see that Beauty is everywhere I look. It is all in the perspective of the eyes with which I see the world. When I walk in Beauty, I feel blessed and radiate this beautiful blessing all around me. This raises my vibrational frequency enough so that I attract even more Beauty into my life.

Beauty is one of those words that has gained power since we have moved into the 4th and 5th dimensions after 2012. Just asking to see Beauty is a powerful prayer. When I create Beauty in my immediate surroundings, it never fails to uplift me. I can do this by the simple act of bringing one flower into my home. We need Beauty in our lives to feel more whole, and it helps us to live in Well-being as we learn to shift in these new frequencies.

Living in Trust has been more of a challenge for me. Sometimes it means that I need to stay neutral in the face of what appears to be happening in front of my eyes and rely on the truth of my heart. The appearance of disharmony is not the true reality when the Infinite Intelligence is involved, and since this divine aspect is always a part of everything, we can trust that what we see is only an appearance.

Living in Trust also means that I need to love and trust myself more and remember that I am not alone, that I am guided and inspired in every moment. There are times when I need to ask for proof of this fact. I have asked for signs when I really needed to know that I was being guided and that my small self was not making the plans. That has created amazing results.

At a pivotal time in my life, I felt that I was being guided to take some radical steps. I had prayed very deeply and felt as though I received clear instructions that even included the date. Before implementing this plan, I asked for a sign to make sure that it was coming from a pure place of Wisdom, and not my mind. To my amazement, in less than a minute I was covered in butterflies. Hundreds of beautiful winged beings were landing on me, wandering over my arms, chest and head. I was stunned and stood in awe at the power of Beauty in that moment. Shortly, they were gone, with no evidence that they had even been there.

Would you have trusted that a flock of butterflies was enough evidence to be sure of your decision? I wanted to do that, I really did, but still that little voice in me doubted. I told the Universe, "That was really good, but I just need one more sign to make sure." In Its infinite compassion, the blessings of the Divine continued, because in that moment a yellow butterfly and two blue butterflies landed in a little puddle right at my feet. I have never seen a blue butterfly before or since that time, but there were two amazing blue ones and a pretty yellow butterfly right at my feet where I would take the first step into new life. I had to surrender.

Living in Trust in that situation was not easy, nor was the outcome of that decision. Nearly 20 years later I can remember the importance of asking for a sign, and see how perfect it was for me to follow that guidance, no matter how difficult it was to do. The happiness in my life now more than makes up for the upheaval that decision created at the time.

We are given beautiful messages from the Divine to change the way we perceive our lives and the world. Often they seem so simple, even simplistic and hard to believe. Only the test of time has made it possible for me to know that when I trust in myself and the Angelic energy working through me, miracles are commonplace and life takes on a Beauty that keeps me inspired and open.

When this happens, there is no doubt anywhere in my being that the benevolent love of God guides my way. I feel the presence of Angels and know that I am truly cared for in every moment. You too have this Grace in your life.

Divine Presence,

With every breath I take, may I remember that I AM a beloved child of the benevolent and creative Source of All That Is. Help me to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I AM blessed and loved beyond my capacity to understand.

May all humanity trust in the beautiful, unfolding process of Life. May we know that all our needs are met with Grace and Ease, and we are truly cared for eternally.

May Beauty and Trust bless the heart of all beings in the world. And so it is.

Love, Shanta Gabriel

AA Gabriel's Message .....

Dear One,
These words clarify the way to a carefree, joy-filled and peaceful life. Walking in Beauty means to look at all you see with your heart and mind. This might mean to see beyond the surface appearance of disharmony and know there is perfection and beauty within a situation. There is beauty all around you and sometimes it takes a prayer such as “let me see the beauty here, Angels,” to make this apparent.
Walking in Beauty also means to allow the awareness that there is beauty in this world to bubble to the surface, so you can be conscious of the great beauty of God’s creation. One flower holds as much of the key to universal knowledge as does a whole field of flowers.
Do all you can to be aware of the beauty around you and to bring more beauty into your world. Bringing that one flower into your home can brighten the day, as the spiritual essence in that flower permeates your world. Look for beauty every day and be grateful for all that you find.
Living in Trust means that deep within there is an inner knowing that you are never alone, and that the Angels are working for you in your life. As you give your life to God and pray that Divine will be done, you can trust in the appropriate outworking in every situation for the highest good of all concerned. Living in Trust means accepting what is apparent in your life, and making a claim for the Divine Order inherent in every situation. Living in Trust allows the Angels to comfort and inspire you so you can receive support in every area of your life.
When you know the benevolent love of God guides your way, there is a beacon of light to follow. This love is the most powerful force for good in the universe. This love creates Peace and Harmony in the heart and soul of each person who remembers. Allow Faith in this statement to permeate every cell of your being. You are always guided by God’s love and you are never alone. You can call on this love at any time and know truly it is there for you.
So allow this message from Archangel Gabriel to become your way of life. Belief will create more Love, Joy and Peace for you in every way.
Again dear one we say to you:

Walk in Beauty, live in Trust and know
the benevolent Love of God guides your way.


Shanta Gabriel
for Archangel Gabriel

December 23, 2018

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A Love Beyond Limits By Ann Albers

Message From God's Presence Within Ann .....

I feel within me the warmth of your celebrations. I feel within me also those of you who feel sad and alone. I embrace and love each and every one of you equally for within me you are all one. Where ever one is willing, there I can be felt within. Whenever two or more are gathered, you can witness me in the eyes of another.

In your celebrations of love, you feel my presence as a blanket of warmth and peace surrounding and abiding within you... and if you do not celebrate, you can sit quietly, open to receive, and feel me there as well. My love is waiting for you in every moment. My peace surrounds you, waiting for you to breathe deeply and feel it arising within.

I have no judgments for I can be found within all perspectives. I have no religion and yet I am in all religions. I have no boundaries, and yet I take form in so many ways. I am present in your Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Kwanzaa, solstice celebrations, in every emanation of love, and in every tear that falls from your eyes.

I did not come into the world, in only one soul, centuries ago. I incarnate into this world with every birth, in every new born child. I did not have only one son but I am within every son, every daughter, every mother, father, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, cousin, pet, sunset, sunrise, the earth, the moon, the stars, the sky, and the grass beneath your feet.

My love lives and abides within everything manifest in all creation and in all that has yet to become.

Each one of you celebrating the miracle of light arising in a darkened world is celebrating the light that wants to be birthed in every aspect of your life. My light wants to rise up from within you and heal all your ills. I want to dissolve all your pains. I want to comfort your sadness, soothe your upset, and fill you with the bliss of knowing you are not and cannot ever be separate from a love that is so profound that it requires universes to be expressed and still knows no bounds. My love for you has no conditions and no limits.

The light you celebrate lives within you and has lived within all creation from the beginning of time.

Within you lies the babe in the manger. Allow it to arise. As you focus on love in any form, you feel my love birthed within you, time and again. Within you the lamp burns brightly reminding you that nothing external is required for love to arise from within. You are the Christmas star. Be a shining light that by its very nature guides others to discover this love within themselves. The victory over darkness is already yours for darkness is only an illusion – a shadow created by the mind that masks the truth of the light within.

In your holiday celebrations you will find me as the warmth in your hearts, the food upon your tables, the lights in your decorations and candles, and the blessings you bestow upon and receive from one another. My love emanates from the songs you sing and the prayers you pray. My love waits patiently, ready to be expressed in every way you will allow me to express it... both to you and through you.

Just as you watch the children unwrapping their presents, I watch each and every one of you, taking great delight in those moments when you allow me to awaken, experience, and share my love from within.

My wish is that you feel my love, my peace, and the light that you celebrate this time of year, each and every day of your lives.

I love you. I am you. You are within me. We are One.

Message From Ann .....

Hi Everyone,

I have really felt the Christmas spirit this year. After several years of intense growth I feel as if I'm coming into a new and greater experience of the love from within. I feel that light glowing these days. The more I surrender to life and to my own heart, the more miraculous life becomes.

I went up north last weekend to enjoy a beautiful unplanned day. As always I pray to have a day filled with love and Presence. I pray to feel the light of God from within. I pray that all my interactions with others be loving, and I pray that I can be a beacon of light for others, and open to receive God's love as well. Then I take a deep breath, and open to the adventure of another day...

The day continued to be a joyful dance with spirit and all I encountered. I sat on a red rock by the roaring winter creek and dissolved into the Oneness, feeling its eternal flow through my body and soul. The sky was such a deep blue even the puddles glowed like sapphires with its reflection. Animal prints in the mud reminded me of all the sweet beings who don't know holidays but for whom every day of life is a holy day. My heart was full.

Although the holidays are dip into the delights of the material universe, none of the seasonal beauty begins in the outside world. It is only an expression of what we find within.

Especially during the busy holidays, I take time every day to sit, breath, receive, and feel the love that wants to wash through every one of us. When I am upset, I let myself feel until love arises like water washing through a muddy pipe. When I'm happy I share it. In this fashion, the holidays become a joyful celebration and an outer expression of the love we strive to find and feel all year long.

Here are some pointers to truly and deeply experience the light and love of the season...

1. Remember it is all about the love

While decorating, baking, gifting, caroling, lighting candles, and enjoying traditions are outer expressions of the holidays, the real joy is found when we connect with the love beneath it.

Bless the presents you give and pray that the receiver feel the intent behind them. Pray over the food you prepare and ask that it nourish hearts and minds. Don't just write cards, tell people you love them and why.

If you spend the holidays alone, gift yourself with this love. Prepare a good meal for yourself, or indulge yourself in a day of comfort and peace. Read a good book. Take a sweet walk in nature. Watch a good movie. Treat yourself as kindly as you'd treat one you loved and do for yourself what you'd do for another. Love needs no external object to be experience and expressed.

2. Give outside the box

While we love to share with family and friends, there are many others in need of love, and many ways to share with those outside your personal sphere. There are programs where you can write letters to the military overseas, programs where you can gift a child in need, share food with charities. I like to bake cookies for the folks that help me all year round – the dry cleaner, the postal workers, etc..

Remembering those who might not otherwise be remembered so easily connects us with the love within. Giving to those we don't know well reminds us we are all one family.

3. Receive Your Present from the Angels...

Some time during the holidays, take time to sit, breathe, receive. Imagine as you breathe, this light that lives within us all grows brighter and stronger. It spread through you, warming, informing, and healing every cell in your body. It purifies your thoughts, and begins to emanate from you, filling your body, your mind, your life, and the world with its light!

Merry happy blissful holidays to all of you. You are a gift in my life!
Happy Holy Holidays

Love you all!

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Video - "A Powerful Cleansing Gift To Prepare For The New Year" By Patricia Cota-Robles 

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