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What herbs did you grow this year? and what herbs are you going to grow next year??


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I planted lavender, although it did not really sprout. I also planted sage which has grown like crazy, just not sure how to dry it out.

Hi! Im new of i have a tint bit of background in herb, have
a garden, just finished my master garden volunteer hours and classes.. i love cooking with herbs especially unusual combos of herbs in dessert! Also i am very interested in using seasonal produce that is grown locally! Looking forward to chatting with fellow herbalists.

In March I planted seeds of Mandrake))

This year I have not grown any, been working on the yard and making boxes to grow next year. I want to grow basil, thyme, mint, and garlic. I am also planing to grow veggies such as carrots, bell peppers, and some type of cucumber. Am going to get blue berries and tomatoes for sure. If anyone has any ideas what else will grow good in the pacific north west let me know. I am open to trying to grow anything.
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