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What are some of your favorite herbs to cook with? What works good for you for cleaning?


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I actually haven't done much with cleaning, but I love, love, LOVE using sage for cooking. I also discovered how great lavender can be with food. I've tried a homemade icing recipe from the web that uses lavender in it. It was incredible! My friends loved it for my birthday cupcakes.


Wow, did you put the lavender flowers in the icing recipe ?
And have you ever took a bunch of sage leaves and just fried them in a bit of olive oil ? It take just seconds and sprinkle with sea salt right when you take them out of the oil. I could eat them like chips.... yum !

MM everyone!! My favorite herb to cook with is not just one herb, its many mixed together. Italian Seasoning.

I like to use garlic in the kitchen and for cleaning nothing better than lemen juice

orange essence based cleaners are wonderful as well as Fabuloso Lavender it contains lavender oil.As for cooking I love basil .For Fresh in salads Cilantro. Brightest Blessing.

I haven't been cooking lately ,but when it comes to cleaning I try to use products that are non chemical. I"ve been washing our kitchen counters & floors with a mixture of boiledwater lemon ,sea salt ,basil and sage.We have a very old linolium floor and the dirt and grime gets enbeded in the design. It not only scents the kitchen but it makes our floor shine . Same with counter tops! You just have to try different combos . Also lavender is high on my list.
If I have to buy at a store I like Mrs Meyers cleaning products (family has some allergies ,so this one doesn't bother them at all)

Cooking with varieties of mint, i have yet to make mint tea. I feel mint is not only refreshing but cleanses the body and can be useful as a solution to indigestion. well it works for me.

I love cooking with Sage and red pepper. As for cleaning, I don't really use herbs. Though it is something that I plan on looking into soon.

For cooking, I love the flavor cumin gives to meat; I also like oregano and thyme, and of course parsley. For cleaning, definitely rosemary :)

i really don't cook with any herbs .... that is when i cook ... lol

Basil is my favorite herb to eat. I'll eat it raw with tomatoes and mozzerella on fresh crusty bread... yum!

For cleaning, I use tea tree oil in the bathroom and on the kitchen counters I use thyme. The main wash for the floors is lavender, which also is used in the laundry. I love the smell of lavender!

Saffron or Tarragon


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