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Mery meet,
Im new to this group and to Witch School. Im currently taking Correlian Wicca 1st degree and Living the Wiccan Life. Ive read many books on the subject and had practice some rituals, spells and cleansing baths. My favorite passtime is spending the weekend in Salem Ma shoping and meeting other Witches like me. Im lucky enough to live 20 minutes away.The situation im facing right now is in my love life. My fiancee and I love each other very much. But we seem to have a lot of conflic and quarrels over simple little things. We always end up hurting each other and threatens to live me. We are very loyal to each other and we know we cant live without each other. Can someone please sugest some kind of spell, ritual or whatever to bring a peaceful home and a peaceful life? Thank you

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Merry (online) meet!
I realize this post was from 4 years ago. Ancient in social times. I just felt the need to respond. I don't know if you're still part of this group, but I hope you are well and who knows the circumstances of your life now but you. Unfortunately, I don't have any answers to your questions. I'm basically just replying to let you know that someone took the time to read your post and is there for you in spirit.
My husband and I had our disagreements in the beginning of our relationship. I don't know where you are in yours, but with love and communication, anything can be remedied. Most problems are like a grain of sand on a beach, when you look into the past.
I hope this finds you well.
Peace and blessings from the Goddess ~ Rain Maiden


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