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I would like to welcome you to the Witch School Black Hat Society. I'm your remaining runner of this group, I am here now from all hours, if you desire to speak or in need of me, contact me. Let me introduce myself for you all.

I'm Tiffany, some has callin' me Zara, Caeria, Caelia, and yes even Damiana. I do not have a particular path yet, but I do like to learn traditions to see what calls to me, I am learning Correllian and I'm taking first degree. I'm only 23 so I know I am young, and I do live in the state of Indiana within the city of South Bend currently but originally from the little town of Waynedale just 5 miles outside of Fort Wayne.
Blessed Be

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Hi youall can call me sandy Im very thrilled to join the black hats I live in texas Im a mechanic by trade Im also takeing some classes as well and Im hopeing to find my path as well and thank you very much for letting me join :)

Not taking classes but learn all the gnosis that you can, its good to see others still interested.
Glad to meet you Tiffany. I was not sure who was running the site. if you ever have need of me just click in BB

Hi there!!! I spent a lot of time looking through all of the group's here at WSI. Most I found have not been active. I am hoping to find one with actual interaction. I am a new supporting student going on five days lol :)
I have always shied away from the social side of things, preferring to only interact and discuss with those I personally know, so this is new for me.

There is not a particular Religion I follow. I have dedicated myself to Gaia. I think I would be considered Eclectic, always learning more and crave to learn more.

I am a crafty witch. Meaning I craft as many things as I possibly can with new, used and recycled materials to use not only spiritually but for anything and everything.

There's a little about me....
Bright Blessings!

Merry Meet! Glad to see this group have some activity! I'm super close to you. I live in La Porte, IN.
I'm also finishing my First Degree in Correllian studies. My path is a mixture of pantheons, though mostly Celtic and Cherokee in origin.

Blessed Be !

Hi Tiffany! I'm 22 and also taking the First Degree! :) Thanks for running this group for us newbies!

I'm ss happy to be here. I look forward to getting to know you and others here as well. I'm from Montana,


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