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We all consider alters as a sacred space.  What kinds of things you feel are needed for your sacred alter?

Mine I feel needs parts of me, from my art to my words.  Its not just tools but its beauty in balance is how I see it.  How about everyone else?


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I use anything that "feels right" to me. Still looking for certain pieces, but they will come to me in time. I enjoy my altars and will keep improving. Blessed Be.
That is the beauty of alters I feel. Its can improve or change thousands of times a year or season or lifetime.....
I like my alter to be very personal. I always have things around it that remind me of my ancestors, especially my Grandpa Hayes. I love to have lots of candles on it. I always try to add my own flair and make it reflect who I am.

as I see it, you have to make your personal altar how you feel it should be, not as others think.  If its a altar for many people you try to set it in a way that will bring others into the same mind set.



My alter, again as other's have stated, is very personal to me with different items that relate to my heritage, my loved one's who have passed over and for the future. 
Although, I will admit that we have several altars throughout our home.  My primary personal altar I have in my 'Broomcloset'; another in our bedroom filled with many meaningful crystals and other items relating to our personal present lives and relationship; one in our kitchen that we use on a daily basis with differnt crystals, tools, and items we like to bring forth more postive energy for not only ourselves, but other's too; with much prosperity, good health and protection that we honor every day before heading out the door. 

Our home and land is very sacred to us so having altars to share with other's within our livingroom (sometimes moved to the dinningroom) is also seen with many different objects for the different Sabbats; or for what our ritual will require or for personal use should someone be in need of assistance). 

I do agree, having what 'feels right' is definately the way to be and as we all like to keep adding to and/or improving our altar's we eventually find what calls to us during our search for what we're looking for.

Blessed Be

As for places there are several I visit in Tennessee. This is the most beautiful state I have lived in, and I have lived in many places. There is a special place I go called Black Mountain (Cumberland State Park Trail) also known as Witch Mountain to the Locals. I also like to visit Ozone Falls, and Fall Creek Falls. If you would like to see pictures of these places check out my pics at: If you click All albums the folders of Reunion, Pics of Events, and Black Mountain Trip (Geology Field trip I went on) all have pics of scared places, including Dale Hollow dam. I remote campsite I have gone to for Ritual.

As for my Alter, like Owl I like to surround myself with things that call to me. I have a lot of Indian Statues which were handed down by an Aunt. My Grandmom was a medicine women and her sister painted a lot of my Statues. I also have many that I have painted. I practice the Ancient Egyptian culture as well, so I have a lot of statues and items in this path. Basically, whatever calls to me may end up in my special room. This room is also my office which is surrounded by books kept in order by topic, and anything else I may need in my journey I walk. I am a Rock hound and a collector of Tarot decks these are also kept in this special room amongst of hidden treasures.
In Love and Light,
Mine, I fill is color , from flowers, to cloth, to candles, any thing that will entise the energies , to delight, and draw them near. BB
I believe it's the balance in everything that makes items on, around or near one's alter sacred. I just finished redoing my private 'Broom Closet' wherein I practice my magick, meditation, and many other practices within my lifepath. It wasn't right for some odd reason for a while in the beginning until I found I was working so hard at making the room so 'just right' that I hadn't put 'myself' into it. In doing so, it is the most comfortable, soothing, sacred place anyone can share in the house to help themselves be more sacred within themselves as a person.
Love my altar(s), private sacred space, my sacred home and my sacred life I share with as many as I possibly can with much appreciation and respect; always learning something new as I extend my knowledge outwards to other's too.
Blessed Be!
I see that many have thought this out...I can expand this a bit more to a more cosmic sense... that of our galaxy...

Rev. LadyOwl


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