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Altars, come in many sizes shapes and functions

There are many types of altars some are built for giving offerings while others were built for
sacrifices. The ceremonial altar is housed in a shrine and can be
located in a temple or church and can be found in other places of
worship. Today's altar is used in many religions such as Christianity,
Buddhism , Hinduism and Shinto, Taoism even Paganism.

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Sacrifice Rock at Maria Taferl, Austriat was used by the ancient Celts. To make sacrifices upon. It is now located in the plaza of the Basilica.

{Image Credit: Maik 123

Coptic altar
Early Coptic altar carved into the wall of the Temple of Isis on the island Philae in Egypt.

A Shinto Kamidana a houlehold altar
In Shinto altars are found in shrines and in homes. A physical area is separated with branches of green bamboo at the four corners between are strung sacred border ropes. In the center of the altar a large branch of sakaki garland,along with it's sacred emblems.

JERUSALEM -- Israeli archaeologists say workers have uncovered an ancient pagan altar while clearing ground for construction of a hotly disputed hospital emergency room.

They say the discovery proves an ancient cemetery at the site that has been at the center of protests by ultra-Orthodox Jews does not contain the graves of Jews.

Protesters claim an emergency room extension at Barzilai Hospital in the city of Ashkelon is being built on an ancient Jewish cemetery. They demonstrated there when officials began removing graves this week, and rioting erupted in ultra-Orthodox areas of Jerusalem.

The Israel Antiquities Authority said Thursday the discovery of the 2,000-year-old incense altar, along with the nature of the graves, shows the cemetery was pagan.


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