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Today in America its fourth of July. This is our celebration of our independence. I been thinking about how we celebrate in other countries and here, there is a lot to offer for special days, like our Fourth of July. We see red, white and blue on our pageantry from plays that are done by children to the big picnic that most Americans do, and the beach and even flags unfurled for this day. Now I remember my mother used to put out her danish flag when it came to celebrations she remembered when she was in Denmark. And of course we all know of the fireworks displays for these celebrations. And the music that we all sing to and now I realized that our show of Fourth of July could be set up like a praise of this time also. I have moms picture and my other family's up on the wall, and on this day I make a bit of altar for them and because of its symbols. My family has so many military people its important to realize what this time is for them as they are now my ancestors.

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