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I had a small cinder block as my outside altar.  We had a tree come down in the front yard earlier this year and i used parts of it to mark my 9 ft circle.  Just finished it tonight. :)  I am pretty proud of it.  I really have wanted to do this for a long time.  I have 3 altars.  #1 is in my bedroom for bad weather use, #2 is in the picture with me on the swing.  It is for if it's raining, snowing...., #3 is a permanent circle for ritual.  They work out really well for me! :)

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Thank you so much! I am very happy with the results. Blessed Be.
They were lovely, and keep it up
very beutyfuld
Beautiful! & creative
You all make it worth while to express what is important in your devotion to deity. I am working on a new altar soon, been working on all the boxes we moved in last year and avoided. Till I clear the wall to wall stuff I will put my altar up. And I will make some pictures for on here.



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