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Would you consider that not only your altar being a blessed place, would everything around in the house be blessed by having the altar?

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I don't know how people think about sacredness but how I feel is this, I have many things from around the world and I feel they are important and ever sacred because what they represent to other cultures. My old friend brought me some things from Egypt, some would say they are touristy but they are images of gods and that culture. I also had a friend who went to china and brought me some puzzle boxes don't know where I put those but also some foo dogs I think they are named that sit looking on to the door to my house, so who ever comes in they are watching them. even received jewelery and even a dress from Africa. I love these types of gift its my way to visit in a way that I can never do cause of my disability. to me even gifts are sacred because they are given with respect and even friendship.
With this explanation. whats your thoughts.

Ladyowl (rev. RuthAnna)

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WOW! What a beautiful altar!

I had another thought, it may go into the same idea of blessed alter.

When I was very young and was introduced to one tradition. Each time we used a Alter we blessed it each time, so that the blessings helped with keeping each thing on the alter holy for the God/dess. We also blessed each other in a ritual. As one priest told me, you are clearing not only the space around you but the astral alter for "Mom and Dad", meaning we were getting ready for the God/dess into our space.

I started this Group to bring forth the one part that all witches, heathens,Wiccan's and everything that all people can relate too, Alters and sacredness. Its our hearts desire for a place to bring forth our hopes, dreams and wishes, its important for us to relate but also communicate in a special way that makes it wonderful to us all.

Many Blessings
I believe that it's not necessarily having an alter in the house that blesses it. I believe it is how you choose to live. I regularly cleanse not only my alter space, but my entire house. This releases any negativity that has developed and allows us to live in peace and harmony, in a more sacred way.
I do believe the alter has an impact on the feel and mood of the space it is in though. Whenever I see it I remember how I need to live, harming none and peacefully. Now that my children are learning they are recognizing the same thing when they walk by it. It has stopped arguments dead in their tracks before. This in itself makes the area around the alter more sacred.
I wouldent say the alter , I would say its the energies that we each omit, through our prayers and rites, many objects can be blessed , our house or gardens , the water and many other things I dont think its just having a alter BB
I love that response for I feel the same way. Our energies that we send out each and every new day is what makes our lives sacred along with our homes, materialistic items within our homes that also have much energy that can add to one's life's sacredness. Although, I will say being the type of person I am, I do have a main alter in my 'Broom closet', along with one in my kitchen since I love my herbs, etc; another in my livingroom that I share with my family and friends and another in my bedroom which is another representation to my daily energies to wake up and see every day. Every day is a sacred day in life which consumes one's home, life and land..
Blessed Be!
If I had a altar in each room, I wouldnt have space for anything else and I have to share the little space that housing gives to one and two people.



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