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As we have then sharing are our altars and they have been a learning experience to me. Not just how nice they look but the creations everyone has been sharing.  Now I been working with some that are very new and experiancing everything for the first time.  It reminds me of my firsts and well, what is your favorite object that you love on the altar? Is it just the Altar itself or one of many things?

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Merry Meet everyone! I love everything on my altar because everything has a purpose. I love my altar overall due to it connects me with my goddess, god, Hecate, and Pan along with ansestors. My altar is very personal and scared to me. I too am new at wicca and learning, but one thing I truly have learned is that love everything on the altar because everything has a purpose to bring yourself to a higher power. Blesed Be!
My favorite object(s) are my tiny earth Goddess and horned God statues that I made out of Sculpey. They aren't particularly pretty or anything, but I love them cus I made them and they are special to me.
That is wonderful Emairelhd. I not that creative, but I do plan on making some of my own altar crafts so it would be more personal and powerful. Blessed Be! Ronda
I been toying around with a idea of paper mache' . not sure how I want to work it..but I will share that when I do it.
My favorite thing on my alter is my cherry wood wand I made. It was given to me by the cherry tree I grew up with in my parents front yard. Every time I see it I remember my late grandma Ivy and climbing that tree to eat the cherries from it. It's wonderful!


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