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i hope that you all are having a beautiful and blessed day!  i am just beginning my book of shadows, and as i am new to the path as far as this lifetime, i was just wondering what others may have included when they started their BOSs. any must haves?

i appreciate any input any of you would be willing to share.

blessed be!

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You definitely need to start with a Blessing Page to Bless your Book of Shadow. You can search on line for some and go from there... Then add in somewhere what you want your book of shadows to be. Spells, Rituals: what you did and how it turned out... Ideas for tools, alter set ups, pick and choose what other people have that you think you want. Then just start filling it in as you learn.
I am as well. I once had one but, it was destroyed by a very jealous boyfriend at the time. :(
I have 3 BOSs one for spells, one for information, and one for my Correllian lessons.
I generally just add the things that are important to me / come to me in meditation. I think it is nice to hear others' thoughts on the matter, and get their ideas, but ultimately your BOS is personal to YOU and therefore only YOU can decide what goes in there.

Let Goddess guide you in meditation and see what appears - sometimes this can prove quite enjoyably interesting anyway! ;-)

Warmest Blessings,

Rev. Andi
i update my bos every year since i'm always learning new things keeping some materials taking out what doesnt work. The 2012 edition is up to 25 parts 122 chapters (about 500 pages and counting!). Its also set up as a book for self study since i plan to pass it down in the future to one of my relatives that want to learn about what i practice. When i first started all i had was a blessing a table of elements & corresponses and moon phases. I been praticing for over 10 years - thats a lot of info accolated over the years!

to me a BOS is a good place to collect thoughts, write down spells, and general information, but i also have a 3 ring binder for things i find and print out from the internet. hope this helps...

There are so many lists on the internet as to what things you COULD put into your BOS; so many different topics you could cover in your book. Here are a few places that have lists such as what I am talking about. They may be of use to you :D

Magic Garden
Things to Include in Your BOS
How to Make a Book of Shadows
and last but not least, one of my favorite links ever:

Pagans Path

When I started out I had the same question as you - most likely, the majority of people coming to the path without a teacher hovering over them have wondered what to include in their BOS'. So I hope these links help - if they do not, you could always do your own search on google or another engine "What to include in a book of shadows" - there are thousands, if not MILLIONS of websites out there with useful information :D

I haven't had a chance to read all the comments. Some have mentioned a book blessing, the rede, and so forth. The Rede I would say is a must for any book of shadows. Something I plan to add to my own book eventually are some of my family traditions that have been carried out through the years. They aren't necessarily related to the craft, as I am the only Wiccan in my family. They are traditions I am carrying on with my husband and will continue to do so with my future children...such as Christmas traditions (the ritual of setting up and decorating the tree and so on). I want to leave more than just useful spells and info to my children when I pass on my book. Anyways, that's just an idea for you. Really you can add anything you want to your book.

MM, I have found these comments to be very helpful and have used them to begin my BOS. Thank you and BB.

I am trying to make my own book of shadows I will need a little advice on how it is done


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