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I've been trying to find a Book of Shadows for ages now, and I thought I'd found a good one, but I felt deeply that it was most certainly not the one I was meant to be using. Since then, I just haven't found one.

I would love any advice that anyone has.

Blessed Be,

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You make your own book of Shadows, the idea is that you write down all the things that you learn and the spells you write etc. A book of shadows is a personal account of that particular persons life as a witch and what they learnt along the way....I know ther are several books out in print that they call Books of Shadows but they aren't the real thing just whimsical things to appeal to the weekend witches and those who are easily led by the ease of use and practcality of being able to just buy someone else's musings..( unless of course the book in question was passed on or passed down to you, then I would say they would be most magickal indeed)
I have some realy old books passed on to me by my mum and her mum before her, the illustrations are excellent, some of the spells and herbal concoctions are written in theban! They are very old and very precious to me, most of the stuff I have rewritten because I wish to preserve the originals!
A group like this is a splendid idea because although it seems that you have everything in one place and at your fingertips you still have to seek it out and that gives you the chance of finding out what you are most interested in and likely what you will excell at....Most witches.......well certainly all the ones I know decide what they are drawn to, what interests them and what they feel they can work with best and make that their chosen skill or skills, that way they become much more learned in their chosen path!
There is a quote.......You are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. – John Naisbitt
Of course I speak as a witch not as a Wiccan so forgive me if my advice is wrong....I have the greatest of respect for people who follow Wicca and understand that although we are very similar there are differences, Witches dont particularly folllow such rigorous guidelines and rely more on looking inside oneself to make decisions and decide what course of action to take!
Blessings of love and light to everyone reading this, and thank you for taking the time....
Every BOS is different. Each one is personal, kind of like a diary, except some aarent so secret. This is why there is no ' standard ' book to follow. What works for one person may not for another. So a Book of Shadows will always be revised and added too as the years go by and as you yourself grow in your spirituality. My BOS is still being written! Ive used a little of everything and a great deal of myself each time I add something. I have 2 of them. The 1st one i made and the 2nd one I bought with a really nice cover and blank pages. I cant add paper to the second though. It's not unccommon to have more than 1 either. So........thats some food for thought. I know you'll get many responses to your question. Oh something else ...... neither of my books are ' complete ' ..... as they are as complete as they are !
Blessed Be
Yes,i totally agree with you, they are a very personal thing, some people I know are so rigorous in what can and cant go in and very regimental in where stuff is put, my books are full of anything and everything, if I am sitting with book open and I get the urge to draw then that is exactly what I do, just like my mum before me and hers before her, some of the books I have had passed down to me are amazing, like little time capsules!
I have about 4 on the go at the moment, Lol!
And personally I dont think a book of shadows should ever be finished!
Hi, I'm Anna. You need to create a Book of Shadows for yourself. if a rite you read or a chant you hear, or even a facebook post catches you in a way that says "yes" copy it and then start collecting these tidbits. Soon you will start to see a pattern. Start including questions these observations might trigger and then keep your eye out for answers. Which will lead to more questions. Life is like that.
When you go to craft fairs, or Ren Fairs, or your local bookstore, see if a notebook grabs your attention and start putting these bits and illustrations into it.
Most are divided into sections, but for right now, just try to keep track of them. This can include a good recipe for tea cookies when you and your friends are divining through tea leaves, as I was yesterday. I think of that because as I write this I'm munching on the best tea cake ever!
Lastly, there's the Internet and there are a lot of sites that have spells, magick, color and candle color magick. It can be overwhelming! And if you don't see (or can't afford!) a fancy notebook a paper scrap book works quite well. Later you and un-fasten it and rearrange the contents. Good luck. Blessed Be
I choose to use those very large three-ringed binders. There are multiple reasons for this, the biggest reason is because I have SO MUCH information, that it helps keep me organized. Plus, as I find new information, or additional information on a subject I'm particularly interested in, I can add to it very easily. The other cool thing is I make my own designs on the background of the folder so its both personalized and holds my energy in a way that I have not experienced with other BoS's.
As a side note - I have filled 3 of these large binders full of information, spells, herbs, crystals, divination and journal entries, just to name a few of my tabs.

Happy Hunting and Blessed be!
I know your pain I am in the same boat sorry Blessed Be!! )O(
There are alot of ways that I have heard and tried to make a Book Of Shadows... I wound up buying all different kinds of books and journals. I also used a Composition notebook for a while. My favorite and the one I use to this day is a 4inch 3ring binder. I print out my pages from the computer with backgrounds that are all over the internet. You can find amazing backgrounds through another group here through Witch School... You can also write the pages out and just put them into the binder... I also like the freedom of being able to arrange and rearrange pages until the BOS flows correctly...

I have had a similar issue in the past - that is, until I found out about art journaling and altered books, as well as learned more about scrapbooking. Because I am an artistic person at heart, I felt like I should give it a try. And let me tell you, this scrapbook feels like the best form of BOS for me. I have gone through notebooks and binders and diaries. Though I still use a composition notebook for random notes and a 3 ring binder for essays and whatnot, I use the scrapbook as the final product for each and every bit of information I finish.

My greatest piece of advice for you is to meditate on it. Who are you, in your soul? Are you creative - a writer, an artist, a photography, or a musician? Are you obsessed with order, or is a little chaos alright with you? Do you think have a book that has the ability to change the order of pages or static pages a good idea? Make a list of all of the things you want your BOS to be, whether realistic or not - do not think about what you are writing down, just write what you want in a BOS. :D They are very personal books, and each BOS resonates with its creators energy :D


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