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Greetings all!

I know i've been talking about it for almost 2 years, but we're live!

Please visit us at...

... and pick up copy for yourself (Windows only at this time).

And tell all your friends, people in your group, other local groups, and post about us any place you can - if we get enough traffic that will allow me to work on a version for Mac as well as iOs and Android.

Thanks for your patience, we hope you like it.

drc :)

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Ah, of course. I've already been working on piecing together a BOS for myself. I have about 500 pages, and it's almost complete, so I don't need this. But that's a great idea for others who want to do it!

You never know. At least one person with a physical book told me of her fear of losing it to some natural accident like a burst water pipe or fire or a myriad of other things that might happen so they see the digital version as a backup.

And it's NOT just a static BOS, it also manages your items inventory as for example you use up candles during castings or rituals, and has tools to help you create new spells from scratch, the tracking of results of spells and rituals over time, manages your photo collection as well, and so much more!

drc :)


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