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I have used this myself, and can verify it does work :)

Crown of Success Employment Charm:

Crown of Success Oil assists you to find a job, land the job, and retain the job. It is also used for professional success and advancements, including obtaining promotions and greater financial benefits. Crown of Success Oil may be used to enhance any other employment charm or spell; it is an entirely benevolent formula.
The Formula:

Essential oil of bay laurel or dried crushed bay leaves
Essential oil of frankincense or the powdered resin
Essential oil of sandalwood or the powder
Essential oil of vetiver or dried, powdered vetiver roots

Add the above to a blend of sunflower, olive and/or jojoba oil.

You can either soak a piece of loadstone in this mixture, place it in a red pouch and carry it with you when you are job hunting or attending interviews as a successful employment charm, or use in the bath, or anoint yourself with it before any employment venture, so that by radiating its magick, you act as the charm.

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Hey that will help me get a job cause i need one badly as of right now, cause im so far behind in bills i need to work for the extra money, so let me know what essential oil i need to help me

All the ingredients in the formula are essentials oil, and you mix them all together to make the Crown of Success oil :) Good luck with the job hunting!


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