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*By proper I mean not in haphazard places online or on various electronic devices (ipod, tablet, laptop, desktop, phone) or random pieces of paper/ notebooks. Yes, my studies up to now have been a complete mess, but I've also somehow managed to find everything.

At any rate, here it is. I'm thinking I'll have one where actual things I'll always need to look up are and one with things like "This is how I made my broom" that I will never need again, but that my kids might. I have a dream journal and another journal for recording purposes. This is my majestic one for those things I will just never remember at the top of my head. Or that every BOS includes anyway.

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My entire BOS (all of them actually) is handwritten and drawn, not a single download or copy of someone else's fancy page. As a 1st degree I hand copied the coven basic BOS, from there I have added MY experiences and educational records for decades. What worked for ME not what someone else does.
Even when I tootled through CNT degrees 1-3 and various WSI classes online I hand printed everything despite the electronic version being right there. Also, anything provided by WSI or CNT is kept separate from my personal BOS. My personal BOS will never be on any electronic device, period.

I am terrible at organizing and remembering things, whether this far into my practice or a week old. For me, the best book of shadows is the one that's handy- up til recently anyway. I did originally hand write everything, but now that I'm compiling it, a private spot on a computer is helpful. Every witch is different.


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