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Merry meet!

The Correllian Temple of The Moon UK would like to invite our Correllian friends and family to an online Full Moon Ritual sponsored by the Temple of Sedna UK.

The ritual will take place on Wednesday 4th February 2015 at 9pm GMT (UK time) in the Wiccan Way Ritual Room on the Wiccan Way website ( We are hoping to hold regular Full Moon and New Moon rituals every month so please do come along and show your support!

All are welcome to attend so spread the word! And feel free just to pop by and watch; you do not have to take part if you do not wish to do so.

We hold regular online rituals so if you are interested in attending our Full Moon and New Moon Rituals (or any of the other rituals we hold) then please do check out the calendar on the Wiccan Way website for more details and just turn up! As of yet our Full Moon and New Moon rituals are not on the calendar but if we gain enough interest and support we shall be able to continue with them and make them a regular monthly feature. We shall post notices out in due course in as many places as we can in order to give you enough notice.

Many thanks for your continued support and we look forward to seeing our Correllian Friends and family on Wednesday 4th February at 9pm GMT (UK time)

Blessings to you all

From the
Correllian Temple of The Moon and the Correllian Temple of Sedna UK Ritual Organisers

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What time would GMT UK time be on the east coast US? Thank You

Blessed Be, butterfly

MM Butterfly - sorry I do not know exactly what time it would be - try this site it should help you

Hope that helps



MM Silvermoon,

No, that site did not help me. When the full moon comes along, I will be doing my own ritual. Have a blessed day, butterfly

How come it didn't help you?! You need to look at what time zone you are in and it will tell you what the current time is for you. Then you need to look at what time it is for London and then you'll know the EXACT time difference between where you are and the UK. From that you can work out what time it'll be in your time zone when it is 9pm in the UK. UK timed rituals will be at some point during the afternoon in the US. British Summer Time starts on Sunday 29th of March so the clocks in the UK will go forward an hour.

Hopefully that will help you!




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