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hey I thought of a idea for my book of shadows, my handwritting is messy and I have to keep adding things in a page etc, so I though maybe a printed book of shadows you know what you type on the computer I have a folder for it and evrything and its so much easier.


I'll add a video soon

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It is alot easier. I have almost everything printed mainly because my handwritting is never consistantly the same... but I have mine in a three ring binder since I am always adding things and rearranging things.
mee too I have a huge 3ring binder. it also makes it more neater

type of handwritting can also indicate to you your intensity of thought.

Good point
Agree with the three ring binder idea...though I try to write all of my pages myself (messy handwriting, edits and all!) This way, I can see my changes and growth as I go. Am currently working on creating an electronic copy a back up! I admit, there are times I want to use the print outs as they are much neater, but I refrain from doing so...just because I feel writing it in my own hand makes it more personal for me.
Yep agree 100%
I'm just getting ready to start mine and intended to do it all in my own sloppy horrible hand writing lol
I have handwritten drawings and pictures and writings, as well as printed writings and pictures in my BoS. To me it just makes it that much more different :)

There are lots of schools of thought regarding either handwriting or typing your book. MY opinion is that as long as you write out your book (not copy/paste from sources)'re STILL instilling your personal energies into it because you're taking YOUR time to make your book yours. You're putting embellishment and emphasis into your book and making it your own. The computer is no different than a pen, it's just electronic.

If you dislike your handwriting, then it's perfectly ok to use your computer to print out material. For some, it can make the book look more intricate with use of fancy fonts, and lovely borders. There are even sites out there where you can get Charmed pages to use...just erase the words in a photo editing program and input your OWN information (I've done this and it looks great). If you're happy with your book, then that's all that matters :) :)

I often wondered about printing versus hand writing a bos. I am not an artist and my handwriting is horrible, but I still wanted a decent that I could actually read. So I started making my pages on the computer by way of various art programs. I print each page out for my book. Someone once gave me some harsh words for doing my book like that, claiming that a printed book does not have the same power as a handwritten book. The way I see it though, is that I am the one empowering the spells or at least I am the one casting them. My book is just the tool I use to keepsake them in. I don't know if that's the right way to look at it, but as long as you are still creative with your book and spells, I don't see how terrible it is to print out your book.

Love this, the techno age BOS. As for me,a Crone, a little of both will do. Mitra

a type written book is a good idea as changes can be made easily

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