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I'm currently working on hand binding my own book of shadows and right now it's a little bit of a slow process because of lack of money. So far I've gotten all my pages ready to be sewn together and then after that I just need wooden covers, cotton fabric, book leather, glue, and some way to hold them together (the actual book press is so expensive so I'm just gonna try to be innovative. Lol) Since I dont have the money for everything all at once, I'm slowly illustrating my pages. I'm really excited about it.

Does anyone else have a book they've hand bound themselves?

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I made handmade BoS too; I'm making one now for someone.

Both of those are very nicely done. Different style then my books. I would like to try my hand at that style some time.

Hi Syrai,
These books are beautiful ! Where did you find the stamps or embossers to imprint
the covers ? I don't make books, but my husband does leatherwork and those desihns
would look great on purses, belts, saddles, etc. Your books are so nice I am REALLY
tempted to give it a try myself !

Merry meet!
The emblems on the front are not embossed. They are raised. I cut out the layers myself and glue them on the cover before I put the suede on.

Okay, I am now officially impressed ! They are really awesome. I

That's what I was wanting to do too, just something a little more personalized. They're beautiful books. :)

Are you in my BOS class? if not ill send you some instructions on making the tools extremely cheaply.

I'm no, but I've been going off of the video links I sent you in chat that one night.

I wish I could hand make my book of shadows, but I'm not that skilled. Most of my pages I have made and designed on the computer to print and I'm just using a binder for now. I'd love to be able to make my own post bound book, but I've tried to follow tutorials with no success.

I'm an amateur book maker myself and I have ZERO book making tools, and I'd have to say that my books have turned out rather well, considering the lack of book making tools.

You don't need a "book press" to hold your book while it dries after gluing. I used large binder clips (those black triangle things with the silver handles that hold paper together). I used bandage gauze instead of the "cotton fabric" for the spine, of which I bought from the dollar store. I used vinyl for the cover instead of leather (because leather wasn't available or wasn't cheap) I used regular printer paper (because parchment is expensive), and for the book boards I used 9x12 artist canvas also bought from my dollar store (but you could probably get it at, like, Walmart for pretty cheap too).

What can I say, I'm frugal when it comes to making books. Here are a couple of pix of my book I made using the above materials:

I love making books, I just wish I had more money to make them all the time.

Ma'iingan is right! I don't have any book making tools either. I use regular copy paper, clips, and artist board too. I actually used an old pillowcase for the "mull" on the binding and I use psuedo-suede from the fabric store! It's really easy! Just go to and search for how to handmake books!
Or I can make you one. I sell them on etsy:


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