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I'm currently working on hand binding my own book of shadows and right now it's a little bit of a slow process because of lack of money. So far I've gotten all my pages ready to be sewn together and then after that I just need wooden covers, cotton fabric, book leather, glue, and some way to hold them together (the actual book press is so expensive so I'm just gonna try to be innovative. Lol) Since I dont have the money for everything all at once, I'm slowly illustrating my pages. I'm really excited about it.

Does anyone else have a book they've hand bound themselves?

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I love the practical magic style. Beautiful book!! That style is my dream book. Did it take you a few times to get it right? I mean, I think I'd have issues getting the measurements just Is it post bound?

Actually it really took one try to do, but it DID take a lot of thought which took time. I couldn't quite figure out how to make the "secret" side...but once I figured it out it was like an "Ah Ha" or "Eureka" moment lol.

I determined how many "signitures" I wanted (groups of paper) and once I had them all folded and placed together I measured that for my spines. I measured the vinyl by spacing the covers on it and cut from there. It was actually quite easy (but I can visualize what I want to do before I do it...that can be hard for some).

My book is "hard bound" or sewn together. The down side is that if I screw up, it's permanent so I really have to think about how I want the pages organized.

These were the tutorials I learned from:

Ah yes, I've seen Jamie's tutorials. I know a few others who used his tutorials and had success.

Ya, I have a much, much larger book (about 4 inches thick) that contains ALL my information from the past 12-13 years that I used Jamie's tutorials on. I only wish I used a sturdier board for it and had better posts. BUT...I worked with what I had, lesson learned and all that lol :)

Here's my latest book...

Love the endpapers you used. Very beautiful!

Beautiful. Love the blue velvet. I would love to put a raised emblem on my book but I can never get all the creases surrounding it out. impressed

What I usually do, so I can expand my book is start with either a wood cover or leather covered wood and drill 3 holes in the side where the book would be bound, then you can buy binding pins that are basically a screw on one end and a T-shaped nut for the other end.

This makes it so you can add pages to your book and reorganize it. I always find after I complete a section of my BOS that I find something I want to add. This way you can add it, without having to drastically modify your BOS or have things out of order.

I also prefer to use Red Oak for my books, as it doesn't warp or split like softer woods do. A little bit harder to work with though, but makes a nice cover.

P.S. I have a little bit of OCD, lol


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