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Currently I'm using a three-ringed binder for my BOS with normal lined paper, but the paper is ripping on the side around the holes. I don't like the bound books because you can't section things off with categories. Does anyone have a suggestion about what my options are? Is there a place where I can buy a bound book with tabs (preferably something below 30 dollars)? Thanks for your help!


Canace Silvering

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I use scrapbooking albums. That way I can takes pages in and out AND I can decorate them in really fun ways!!!!
I've never scrapbooked, but always thought it might be fun. Is it pricey? I'm a little low on cash at the moment.
what a fantastic idea!!!
Canace Silvering, I have my BOS in a three ring binder. To Protect my pages I use Plastic Sheet protectors. They are designed for a three ring binder. They are not expensive and you can tab them and shuffle them around in the BOS until you are satisfied as to where they truly need to be. And, they turn just like pages in a regular book. Hope this helps.

Blessings to you and yours,

Kathryn Victoria Warren
I do this with certain pages but it soiunds liek a good idea to do it to all of them

this is how I do it also cheaper u can get a whole box of plastic sheets at an office supply store its cheaper than at department stores

Merry Meet Canace, I also use a scrapbook as the pages are firmer than normal paper - being a light card. These come in several sizes and you can extend the posts etc. It is also kind of nice to make your own card covers, and clip together with rings. Blessings Shanti (New Zealand).
I also use the plastic sheet protectors in a 3 ring binder.
If you don't want to change from your current inder, you can get reinforcements for the holes. They also make a filler paper with a reinforced edge. Staples has both or try an office supply store.

A three ring binder is fine to use but you should really use unlined paper instead of lined paper. I hope when you do your spells you don't use lined paper. As for protecting the paper around the holes any store sells those little round tape out circles with the holes in the middle. There made especially for that problem. I would suggest you use one on each side, front and back to keep the paper from ripping. One of my books is 30 years old and there's not a rip in it but that one is a bound book. It's good to keep your book in some kind of order but it doesn't have to be alphabetical. I start the front of my book with things like holiday,candle, colors, herbs, stones etc. Then form the back of the book I do the spells that I have tried and liked. I write or type out spells that I want to try and put them into my witches calendar for the year. Then if I try them and like them I put them into my big book of shadows. I hope this help you and dont forget the little round circles.
Blessed be mamacarol
Hi, Mamacarol,

Why is it wrong to use lined paper in ritual >

Blessed Be
I agree. I'm not sure why it is wrong to use lined paper. Enlightenment?

Thank you and Blessed Be



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