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I'm pretty new to the pagan/wiccan world and I need some help! I want to make my own wand, but I'm not sure what type of wood to use, or what to decorate it with! Is there any type of ritual I should do when I make it? Thanks so much everyone!

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When I made my first wand, I didn't worry about what type of wood it was. I went roaming through the woods for a branch that was already on the ground. I didn't want to cut it off a living tree, so I looked for one that had already broken off... Pick up a branch that is straight. Feel how it feels. Even if it is 6 ft, you can feel if its right...

Thanks! This helped a lot :)

I want to make a staff. Im not sure about how to go abouts this. I have looked and waited for the staff branch to come to me. Any ideas about this?

I'm making one myself, this is what I'm going for....


I cut a piece of willow branch from my favorite tree, I asked permission and left an offering.  I'm letting it dry out for a couple of weeks, it's about 8 in long here's a pic on my altar... I hope it turns out like I'm envisioning and will post a pic when it's done.....



long as you ask the tree if you may take a branch you are fine. feel it in your heart its ok. you can throw a crystal on the tip put love in it. put everything that makes you think of faith from your child hood or what ever put it in there .

hello katie

my name is lady hala and i carve fallen wood into wands quite offten. my advice is to find a fallen branch that feels right to you. then meditate and ask the tree spirit what it would like.

brightest blessings. lady hala


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