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Even though I may be talking to myself,... what have you created lately?

My latest project was a rug. We just moved into our new home and I need some rugs :)

Decided midway to make it star / Hexagram shaped (I was aiming for Pentagram, but can't count ;-) )
I like the outcome, even though I almost pulled it apart due to wavy corners :-)

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Oh how pretty! I'm not doing anything that big but am sewing a lined tarot card bag. Don't have any photos of that.

That sounds great!
I still need to unpack my sewing machine from the move. If I don't put things at their place right away, it takes me forever to finish those Leftover thingies of unpacking *shakes head at self*
I think my cards deserve a new bag too. Thanks for the idea :-)!

I've been making videos for my friend's product. And Ive been sewing bead embroidery. And some jewelry.
I am a cake decorator by trade. But I sew crochet and quilt...

Here are some of my cakes suprisingly I don't have many pictures on my phone...

Wow, that is beautiful and inspiring! I love to embroider but have never done it with beads. Now I think I'm motivated to try that!


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