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Please welcome LoriM as this groups leader..


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Thank you Rev. Cooper. I look forward to sharing plenty of recipes and Kitchen Witchery with all of you.
Merry Meet,

Welcome Lori M! It is nice to meet you. I read a few of your recipes and boy do they sound yummy. Hope to get to know you better and maybe exchange a few recipes.

Blessed Be,
Thank you, Esmiria. It's nice to meet you too! Please post any recipes or gathering ideas you have because I am always looking for new dishes to try out on my family... they are such good little, unsuspecting minions! They take what I make...of course they do tell me exactly what they think of it! lol!
I will be happy to post any ideas that I may have and recipes. Yeah families have away of telling you if they like what you made or not.

Blessed Be,
Yesterday I made strawberry-rhubarb pie. I am not a pie fan but strawberry-rhubarb is my favorite. Unfortunately I didn't like the crust. The kids did though. I got a thumbs up by our self proclaimed pie eating 15 year old son. He did say that the crust was a bit dry, but it was one of my bests. So yes, they really do let you know what's good and what isn't! lol
Well, so glad you are the group leader Lori. And I will have to say.... all your recipes that I have tried so far are just awesome ! Keep them coming. Lol
Thank you! I wish I could get on here more often than I do.


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