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Purple Magic (k)*
Basic Cone and stick Incense recipe

1 part dried Aronia berry (or other dried berry such as raspberry)
1 part aloeswood
1 part sandalwood
1 part black copal or other resin
fluid such as rosewater
and essential oils

the key is to add the water slowly and knead it in and then add a little more
because if it gets too moist it will be hard to form correctly similar to bread making
so making a pliable "dough" is key
once there you can form it into cones using your thumb and index fingers
I like to rest the flat end on the heel of my palm

for stick get some bamboo skewers and cover them in some of the incense mixture "dough"

let air dry, or if you are in a moist environment you can dry them in the oven on the lowest setting for about 2 hours. air drying will take a few days or less if you are in a dry desert area. rest them on plates when drying in a well ventilated area.

voila you have incense! so easy to use and poetic in it's form. Mmmm!
Olfactory Blessings!

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