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I thought a good way to start a social club is to introduce ourselves. I'm hoping the rest of you agree, and come on and say hello! 8-)

So here goes... I'm a 28 years young girl from Norway, and among other things I'm addicted to crystals. Visit the group The Crystal Cave if you are interested!

Other than that, I'm doing Living the Wiccan Life and the First Degree course, and I enjoy reading very much.

How about you? =)

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Hi. I've been studying books on magic since 2001, but only 2 days ago I finally decided to attend an online school for witchcraft to add structure to my studies and my practice. I am.

Right now I'm studying the First Degree course, Living the Wiccan Life, the Writing Essays course, The Five Mystic Secrets, and Introduction to Magickal Grimoires. I plan to study Herbalism and some forms of divination when my class schedule opens up. I'm also planning to follow up with the Philosophy and Ministry courses to become a First Degree Clergy followed by studies for Second and Third Degrees.

If I were a member of the Clergy my favorite type of Rituals to perform would be Handfasting and Wiccaning Rituals. I need to find a church close to me so that I can pursue this.

Merry Meet,


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