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Its easy to get depressed when we see so much madness and mayhem in the daily news. Its there, in our faces, to read and shake our heads in disbelief. Super storms are the new catastrophic events. Thousands die in floods, hurricanes tornados, land slides, erupting volcanoes, tsunamis, and of course Earth quakes.
That's the weather. Nobody is safe in any school as kids think solving problems can be done with weapons taken from Dads closet. Its hard to be a teenager in this day and age. The demand for respect and looking good weighs heavy on their tender shoulders.
So what can I do to help make our world a better place? First of all I must realize that the world is NOT a bad place. I see through loving eyes the inherent good in all people. We have laws and regulations that keep our cities and towns safe for everyone. I know my neighbors and they are good people. Spirit has a place for all of us. Mine is right here in Kamloops BC. , smart phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, ETC has made the planet very small indeed. Now I can visit anyone, anywhere, at any time via the mighty internet. There is an answer to any question I can imagine. When I read about an earthquake in Japan, it feels like their right next door. My heart sinks when I realize there not a lot I can do. So I pray.
I pray for world peace. Brother helping brother, sister helping sister. I pray that the word "religion" is put aside. I pray that we can all forget our differences and everyone's my neighbor. I look around and see plenty of loving people living and working together. Right here in my own hometown.
The world is what I choose to look at. Sure there's going to be murders and crime. Indeed the planet is angry. You would be to if someone was stabbing you with a pin over and over and over. Here's a thing you can try... Imagine YOU are Mother Earth.
How do you feel? Storms are severe because of global warming. Me, you, and everyone else is responsible for that. We cant ignore the big picture. But as I said, I CHOOSE what I want to see. Its easy for me to type this article living where I live. Im in the safest place in Canada. I have a warm and cozy home. My cat is my best friend and I love to serve others one blessed day at a time.
I go out and volunteer with different organizations. I try my best to make the world a better place. I draw attention to the things we need to be grateful for. I know theres millions of people who are suffering around the world. And knowing that makes me even more grateful. And I love selflessly. I don't judge and I recognize that each of us is on our own unique path. We are ALL trying our very best. Sometimes darkness comes creeping, ever reminding us that anything can happen. I could lose everything in a second. The earth could open up and swallow me. But that's fear. Fear is created by my ego. Gratitude and love conquers all and I must always remember that. So that's what I really see. The world is a magnificent place. Its full of beauty and promise. The planet is changing. She is always changing. Try not to get too caught up in these flowing energies. Ground your self often and be grateful. The world is a wonderful place!

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