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Follow the instructions below

NOTE: You might want to print these instructions before you proceed

So are you ready to learn how to change your background page?


Cerridwen Freya ( my Administrator) & I are here to help you. Changing backgrounds is not as hard as it seems..once you do it a few times, you will learn to do it very quickly ,without even giving it a thought!

Shall we get started?

Go to:

Select a background that you like in the Discussions section at the top of our Graphics & Background Groups Main page.

Click on the Discussion so it will bring up the display of the background.

Now, here's the tricky part..After you click on the attachment file below the picture you will see a page full of codes

Make sure that you copy ALL of the code..

Got it? ...Now you're ready!

Note: There are instructions on how to copy & paste on the Main

page of our group. It's easy!

Go back to you home page & let's begin!


On the top right side of your page , click on Settings link.

(This will bring you to different page)


On top left side of page, click on: My Page

(This will bring you to different page)


Click on Appearance

(This will bring you to different page)

Click on  Advanced

(This will bring you to different page)




You will see a white spacebox full of code like the one in the picture above , delete all of the code in the white space box then paste your code, that you previously copied from our Discussions , into this space box.

When you are done, Scroll to the bottom of page & click Save


Still need help just let us know!

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Thanks, Rev. Millie for the screen shots. It will be very helpful for everyone to see a pic of what they're doing. I've explained it before but just reading my message might not be enough. BB.

Got an email on how to change backgrounds, sissy. We've changed it to where they can click on the link for the attachment where the entire URL can be copied/pasted but some are confused on that part. Can you make an update on the screen shots as to where they can click on the link, then how to open the attachment on their Wordpad? Thanks, Rev. Millie! I've also used up your AUTUMN AT LAST background, so beautiful!


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