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Currently I am in need of a mentor who will be engaged and helpful in my learning that is willing to be a teacher and friend. I am very new to Wicca and the craft and I'm most interested in herbs, tarot, and the metaphysical but I am more than willing to learn about anything. I'm very open to exploring all corners of knowledge I'm allowed into and will try just about anything!

By active I mean will be in regular contact as well as challenge me with activities and lessons from time to time. Oh and I am aware you can find mentors on your classes but unfortunately none of mine are accepting.

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You are welcome to ask around for references for the way I mentor. I mentor under the name Rev. Onyx HP. I do not chase students. I provide weekly questions. My standards for students is higher than the minimum required. I endeavor to answer all questions. If I cannot answer a question I will help you find the answer. I expect my students to be self motivated and engaged. If you wish to contact me directly, please do... e-mail

I mentor all three degrees of the CNT through Witch School. I prefer to only mentor those who are seeking Inner Court status.

Rev. Onyx HP


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