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Greetings prospective students!
My interests are in astrology, dream interpretation, left hand path and eastern philosophies as well as learning all there is to know, at every angle, on every plane.

I have been Pagan for over 2 decades. Discovered the Correllian Tradition in 09, I had been solitary (technically still am) for 15 years when I joined the site. I received my First Degree clergy initiation in Feb 2012, My Correllian Shaman initiation March 2013 and received my Second Degree clergy initiation Feb 2015. I'm currently a mentor for First and Second Degrees. I also am a Reiki Master Teacher, starting with the Usui practice (RMT earned Dec 2011.) Since then, I have gained over 30 different styles of Reiki attunements. My personal philosophy is "never stop learning", and a when feeling a little more cheeky I usually say my philosophy is "where there's a Will there's a ME" (being an Aries I have Will, beyond Will lol).

I don't exclusively call myself Wiccan, but identify myself instead as Correllian Nativist (as is the original Correllian traditions title), or Eclectic Pagan because the general Wiccan philosophy of, "one ring(read:rule) to rule them all" doesn't exactly fit well with me. Here is what Lord Don writes in the FD intro about it:

"In these writings, the term “Wicca” as synonymous with the word “Witchcraft”, because it has been common practice for many in the USA especially during the period when [I was] learning. Many people now use a much more limited definition of “Wicca”, confining the term to the Gardnero-Alexandrian Traditions. The Correllian Tradition considers itself to be “Nativist” –a word roughly synonymous with “Pagan”. In 1579 Pisces (1979 AD) the Elders of the Tradition decided that it was a form of “Wicca” using the term as synonymous with “Witchcraft” as described above. "
So it is my preference to leave the term Wicca out, so as not to confuse anyone. I'm also a Correllian Proto-Temple Keeper, we have been chartered, active and online since 2012.

If you would like to have me as a mentor, please go into the First Degree Course page and click on *Meet your First Degree Mentors* or Second Degree course and link, and select "Priestess Jinn" from the drop down list, or by state, MA. Then check your email for a welcome letter! I look forward to being your mentor/guide in the First Degree or Second Degree!


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Hello! Are you currently accepting first-degree mentees? Thanks!


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