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My name is Anna and I am a Mentor for all three degrees of Correllian Wicca, 1st Degree, 2nd Degree and 3rd Degree. I am currently Head of School for WS Central, WS UK and WS Europe and I take students from any part of the world. I hold the Witchschool Master Teaching Certificate and have been a Mentor since 2002

I expect all my students to keep in regular contact with me during their studies for the course they are taking in the classes site of Witchschool. I have a study group for each of the Degrees I teach, these groups are on yahoo. If you decide to choose me as your Mentor then I will invite you to the appropriate group. I will also expect you to do the assignments provided for my students and for you to attend chats and take part in discussions on group to the best of your ability.

I live in the UK on what is called the Sunrise Coast. I live in Carlton Colville which is just outside the coastal town of Lowestoft which is the most easterly town in the UK. I have two grown sons and seven grandchildren. I also have a cairn dog Mystical and two cats one named Starlight and a very new rescue cat call Frankie, although we may change her name shortly.

I became a member of the High Priesthood of the Correllian Tradition in 2006 and I am the Head of several Temples and Orders. I take Clergy applications on behalf of the Mother Temple and I also take Clergy applications through the Temple of Sedna in it's own right.

I want only what is best for all my students and actively encourage all my students to tell me if they have to take time away from studies or if they are ill so that their course work and lessons can be put on hold until they are able to return.

If you feel there is a connection and would like to choose me as a Mentor you can find me listed when you sign up on one of the Witchschool classes sites found at the top of the main page on the left.

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