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Lesson Study Questions

These questions are found at the end of each lesson in the book and must be answered and returned to me at before starting the next lesson.

1. How does Deity come to a person?

2. Who has the right to decide the best way for a person to interact with Deity?

3. What is a Wiccan “tradition”?

4. What is meant by the term polarities?

5. What is the one “law” that almost all WIccans agree on?

6. What is the original meaning of the word Pagan?

7. What are the “book” religions? How do they differ from Pagan religions?

8. Are Pagan religions and the book religions related to each other?

9. Is Wicca an exclusive religion?

10. What is the First Degree?

11. What is the minimum amount of time traditionally required to achieve the First Degree?

12. Other than Correllianism,name a Wiccan tradition.

13. How many lesson are there in this book? How long will it take to complete them?

1. Of what is the universe composed?

2. What is magic? Of what use is it to the individual?

3. What is meant by the term Higher Self?

4. What do we mean by shifting consciousness?

5. To what sorts of stimuli does energy react?

6. Give two other names for “energy”

7. What is karma?

8. What is the Law of Three?

9. What is psychic hygiene? Why is it important?

10. What is visualization?

11. What is psychism? How does it differ from magic?

12. Why is psychic shielding important?

13. If you were to fully master the art of magic and could use it to do anything you wished what would you do?

1. What do we mean by a “universal” view of Deity? How does this differ from a “personal”

view of Deity?

2. What is Primordial Deity?

3. What do we mean when we say that to unite with the God, the GOddess “fell into


4. What is the Vangelo delle Streghe? Where does it come from?

5. What are the planes of existence?

6. What re the three part of the Lower Self?

7. What are the three parts of the Higher Self?

8. What is the astral self? What purpose does it serve?

9. What is a patron deity?

10. Describe the three forms of the Triple Goddess

11. What is the veil? What is one “born old”, and what does that mean?

12. What are the chakras?

13. What is vibrations?

1. What is an energy vortex?

2. What is involution?

3. What is the psychic tide?

4. It is said that everything has a “Dark half”. What does that mean?

5. What is the precession of the equinoxes?

6. What is a zodiacal age? According to the Correllian calendar, how long does a zodiacal

age last?

7. What zodiacal age are we currently in? When will it end?

8. What is the great year? According to the Correllian calendar, how long does the great

year last?

9. What is a Grand Sabbat? How does it differ from a Lesser Sabbat?

10. What is Roodmas? When is it celebrated?

11. What is the Oidche Shamna? When is it celebrated?

12. What is an Esbat?

13. What is the solar circuit? What role does the heart chakra play in it?

Lesson 4
1. What is the purpose of an altar?

2. What is geomancy?

3. Which side of the altar is cool?

4. What part of the altar represents the elements of air and fire? Can you say why this is


5. What is an altar table commonly made of? Why?

6. Name three ways that we can use our altars.

7. How many candles should you have on your altar?

8. What does it mean to dress a candle? Why would you dress a candle?

9. Where on your altar might you put a candle to represent the Goddess?

10. What is a libation? What do you do with it after ritual?

11. What is sympathetic magic?

12. What is Younger Self?

13. What is an omen?

1. What does the word airt mean? From what language does it come?

2. What is deosil? Why is it called that? What is its opposite?

3. What is widdershins? What is the Gaelic term for this?

4. What are the four elements? Re they thought of the same way in all cultures?

5. With what direction do we identify the element of fire?

6. What do we mean by guardian of the quarter?

7. What are some qualities that correspond with the north?

8. What are the traditional Wiccan quarter colors?

9. What is a boleen?

10. What is an athame? What is the color associated with the west?

11. Which of the four sacred tools is associated with the west?

12. Who was Pythagoras?

13. What is the pentalpha? Why did the Pythagoreans use that name?

1. With what tool do you cast the magic circle, and what can you use if you don’t have one?

2. What is meant by negative energy?

3. What are the four quarters? Which one do you invoke first?

4. When do you normally invoke Deity during ritual?

5. Why is it a bad idea to leave the circle during ritual?

6. How do you cut a door in the circle?

7. What does it mean to dismiss the circle?

8. In which direction do you move when opening the circle?

9. Which finger represents the Goddess?

10. What is an energy construct?

11. What is a Ceremonial? How does Ceremonial magic commonly differ from Wicca?

12. What do we mean when we call an energy construct a “battery”?

13. What is the last thing you should do in any ritual?

1. What is an invocation? Why would you make one?

2. What is Universal Deity?

3. What is a personal deity? Name any three. Can you name a personal deity not listed in

this lesson?

4. What are the Seven Great Powers?

5. What are the archetypes of the Goddess? Which of these has most personal

significance to you and why?

6. Explain the archetype of the Sorcerer. Name three personal forms of the Sorcerer. Can

you name one not given in the lesson?

7. What is a pantheon? Should you ever mix pantheons? What will happen if you do?

8. Should you ever be afraid of Deity? Why or why not?

9. In Pythagorean numerology, what does the number nine represent?

10. What is a patron deity?

11. How do you choose a patron deity?

12. Why is the color of energy important? Why would one use violet colored energy?

13. Explain the relationship between the Young God and the Old God. What do they have to

do with the concept of evolution?

1. What do people usually wear at a Wiccan ceremony?

2. Name a reason people wear robes.

3. Who is Doreen Valiente?

4. What is an Outer Court?

5. Give an example of a common color scheme that a temple might use for robes.

6. Where did the Celtic people come from?

7. In the state robes of the Correllian Tradition, what color symbolizes the Third Degree?

8. What is a vestment? What does the Correllian Tradition recognize as a vestment?

9. What color is a Correllian stole? Why do you think that is?

10. What is a torc? What does it mean?

11. What is a garter? Who can wear it?

12. What does the term skyclad mean?

13. Name one potential benefit of skyclad working.

1. What is an omen? From what source do omens come?

2. Why are the traditional meanings of symbols important? Can you make up your own?

Give an example.

3. In Wicca, what does the Great Rite symbolize?

4. What is allegory? What’s so good about it?

5. What is divination? Give an example of one kind of divination that people commonly use/

6. Can you make up your own kids of divination? Why would they work?

7. What is the Divine Plan? From what level of your being do you access it?

8. What does the number four symbolize? What does this have to do with Pythagoras?

9. What are tarot cards? How are they used?

10. What is the difference between superstition and religion?

11. What is sympathetic magic? Give an example of a sympathetic element one might use in

a spell.

12. What is Futhark? Who used it?

13. What are the Witches’ Runes?

1. What does it mean to give a blessing?

2. What is the origin of divine energy?

3. What is an energy transfer?Give an example.

4. What do we mean by channeling?

5. Why do we use channeling?

6. Through what part of the body does channeled energy enter?

7. What is a spirit guide? Who can have a spirit guide? How do you get one?

8. What is a plexus? What is it more commonly called? Where does the term come from?

9. How many chakras are there in the human body?

10. What is an aura?

11. How does a chakra become blocked?

12. Name the three main energy circuits of the body

13. What is the lunar circuit used for? What is another word for it?

1. Name a way in which people use fresh plants to effect a metaphysical purpose in the

modern world. The lesson gives the examples of flowers at wedding and funerals. Can

you think of a different example?

2. Give one example of a way in which an herbal oil might be used.

3. What is an essential oil?

4. What do we mean by the term base oil? Give three examples of base oils that one might


5. How might you use a gemstone in making an oil?

6. How was incense first used?

7. What are the different forms of incense? Which do you think you would prefer and why?

8. What is your favorite incense? What are its metaphysical qualities?

9. Where might you buy gum arabic? Having bought it, what would you do with it?

10. Why might you use an herbal bath? Name two ways in which an herbal bath might be


11. If you were asked to prepare an herbal bath to help someone draw a positive new

romantic relationship, what herbs might you choose to do this? Name three.

12. If you were asked to prepare an herbal floor wash to bring prosperity to a place of

business, what herbs might you choose to do this? Name three

13. What is the benefit of charging an item, such as incense?

1. How can stones affect people or places?

2. What sorts of things normally have auras? What sorts of things do not have auras?

3. Do synthetic stones have auras? Why or why not?

4. From what level do people commonly access stones? Are there other levels from which

stones might be accessed?

5. Energetically what is the difference between a clear stone and a stone with many

striations or occlusions? Which one is better to use?

6. Can you name a stone that helps a person to connect to the Higher Self?

7. How would you visualize a stone’s spirit? What might you hope to gain by doing so?

8. How might you cleanse a stone?

9. Can you name a famous stone from history? What do you think its special qualities are?

10. How might you select a stone to work with, if you were buying one?

11. What is the value of a found stone as opposed to a purchased stone? How would you go

about getting a found stone?

12. What is a talisman? How does one use a talisman?

13. Name a popular form of amulet


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