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Hello everyone,

I have a question on something I read in lesson 1. It is on this following statement...

"Let me make it clear that there is no hell in the Spirit World. Bad people are dealt with in a fitting way when they cross over however. This is also done by mutual agreement between the spirit and the Guide."

Now I have never believed in the existence of hell but the part of bad people being dealt with in a fitting way kind of peaked my interest. I guess I am curious as far as these "fitting ways" may be?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


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For the paranormal to gain respect, it must be treated with respect and therefore it must be presented as an unbias dedicated art form.

The work of a psychic and medium can save lives while giving closure to others. When I speak of my opinions, I do not claim to have superior importance or knowledge, nor do I assume that my theories are in conjunction with your own.

To oppose the theories of others is futile. All interpretations, opinions and points of view are only valid to those that speak them and those that take them as their own assessments however, the dead have been contacting me since the age of five and through my own experiences as a medium, I will interject that the spirit world does not judge or punish. There is no right or wrong, bad or good and there is no heaven or hell these things are mortal concepts not spirit. These theroies like retributions and exorcisms are Christian based. They come from the teachings of early Christanity.

In the spirit world there is a balance of pure energy and nothing more. When researching near death experiences. many people speak of cities and councils and retributions but these things are not the spirit world. These ideas come from outer body rem states, when the imagination takes over the fear of death and begins to create worlds for the mortal mind to cross into. In the spirit world you do not return to the mortal plain. The after life is not the spirit world, the after life is inbetween the spirit world and the mortal realm. This is a place where "ghosts" are still with us because their spirit energy has suffered at death enabling them to move on. These longing souls are the spirits of human beings that chose to cling to their mortal existence all because they feared the unknown or because they could not bear the pain of permanently leaving a loved one.

Reverend Marie Carew

Thank you for your reply. Everything you said really makes sense and has cleared up a lot for me. I trully appreciate you response :-)

Also David, please think of it this way.
On the otherside.. we have nothing to face but ourselves, our own actions. If our actions in life are somthing we subconciously at the time know are wrong and evil.. we will face the repercussions of that FULLY in the spirit when we cross over.

Hopefully that helps.. think on that a bit.
Rev. Angellus
Thanks Alan. You know after reading this the first thing that comes to mind as far as facing the repercussions is that in our next incarnation we will face having to deal with those same actions that were wrong or evil again. In doing so we will need to take the "right" actions to learn from the past...this way it will not be repeated again thus we obtain more spiritual growth.

Will still think on it some more thought lol.

As a medium for almost thirty nine years I can tell you there is no evil or wrong when you cross over into the spirit world, nor will anyone be waiting to punish or judge you for your sins on earth.

There are no repercussions after death when crossing over. These are all mortal concepts and Christian programming’s thought up due to the fear of death. These concepts were invented to frighten human beings into doing good on Earth they are not factual documentation of what happens after death.

When the spirit is entrapped between life and death please understand that it did not fully cross over into the spirit world.

When a medium makes contact with a spirit, they are speaking to those that are caught on what is called "the spirit plane."

The spirit plane is a plane of existence where a disembodied soul roams freely about its place of death .

If the repercussions you speak of are from this plane of existence, then what you are referring to it the state of mind the human being was experiencing upon its death.

A human soul is a separate entity from a living Body. A soul is the source of a human beings electrical energy, spirituality, emotions, memories and moral conduct.

It is a known fact that all human souls can remember the people they knew and loved when they were alive and therefore they will recognize and sometimes seek them out in the spirit plane.
The energy inside a human beings soul is filled with human emotion and this is why whatever personality you had while you were alive, you will still have if you suddenly become trapped in the spirit plane.

Knowing that a human being retains their state of mind at death it is important to channel your negativity into positivity so your negative emotions won’t stay with you when you pass from this Earth.

The repercussions of being trapped for all of time in a negative state of being is a devastating way to spend ones death.

Spiritual growth begins when mortality is no longer the focus of Earthly desires and pleasures. To be of spirit while alive one must strive for absolute peace within their temple and outside their flesh. Intolerance and arrogance cannot be allowed to enter into this energy field of positive compassion.

Reverend Marie Carew
You spoke of reincarnation, this is a subject that I have letured on many times.

Reincarnation is when a mortal dies and their soul is born again into another body or another life form. This does not mean that the reincarnate will have to face or deal with the past actions of their former life. On the contrary most of the reincarnates I know and have read about live a totally different life and are well aware not to make the same mistakes twice.

All human beings that strive for spiritual enlightenment have their own unique theories on this subject. Because the soul is its own energy field a part from the mortal form, it has the capability of living externally from the mortal form, while also having the ability to project itself into another life form.

If the will of the spirit so chooses to continue its present life on Earth, than once it penetrates the body of an unborn fetus, through its own recorded memories and emotions it can develop into the exact same person that it was prior to death. (Only of course it would have a different physical form.)

This is called Reincarnation. Reincarnates will have bouts of déjà as well as familiarities and longings for people, places and things that they enjoyed in their past life. Some reincarnates even look as they did in their past life and some will remember everyone and everything, although this is rare.

Not all spirits become reincarnates. Most spirits just pass on and join with the universal energy field, while others drift until they are born again void of the past memories of their prior life.

Reverend Marie Carew

Thank you once again for your replies. The last 2 you added were very eye opening and I can understand better now. What you said about mortal thoughts and Christian programming really hit home for me. I guess that is due to all the years I spent in the Christian church before I had that "ah-ha" moment. The things we go through with the mental programming from the church with the hell and damnation can be very traumatic IMHO, fearing that when we die we are either going to heaven or hell. As I said in a previous reply I have never believed in hell but there was always that lingering thought of well if there isn't a hell then where does the balance come in after we pass? You answered this in the perfect way, especially when you said "Spiritual growth begins when mortality is no longer the focus of Earthly desires and pleasures. "

I am going to save these replies to a personal file so I will have them to refer back to when needed or not around my computer lol. Thank yo so much for this information. Can't want to have further discussions with you.

Goddess Bless
You are most welcome. I grew up Catholic and had my Ah-Ha moment when I turned Twelve. Now I teach spirituality and paranormal awareness.

Bright Blessings,

Reverend Marie
I believe we are the ones who actually juudge ourselves once we have crossed over and until we can correct whatever it is we have done, we shall just keep reincarnating till all lessons have been dealt with, then when we finaly cross over we then can move to higher plains to do what we envisaged when forst coming to the spirit world from the earthly world.

I would also like to understand as to why this statement was made please


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