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Order of Mental Mediums: Mediumship course group


Order of Mental Mediums: Mediumship course group

This group is for people serious about studying mental mediumship. Welcome!

The group is part of the Correllian Order of Mental Mediums

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Welcome to all new members! This group is the training partner of the Correllian Order of Mental Mediums.


You can find the lessons online here in the discussion forum.You'll find some interesting videos and e-books on many mediumship topics here as well.
The lesson material remains the copyright property of Susan Wheeler, Hps Mystic Moon Temple, alone and no re-distribution or re-printing in any form is allowed, without written permission.

PRACTICAL WORK: I posted practicals. These are real animals or people to practice on. If you want to develop your abilities, the theory alone will not be enough. Please post your comments on the cases if you feel that you can contribute to a particular one, or all of them- any comment is welcome.

FINAL TEST The final test/exam will for the time being, be a practical only, where I'll ask you to contact someone on the Other Side (human or animal, or who ever wants to communicate with us). You can take the practical exam anytime after completion of the theory (all 5 lessons) - there is no pressure!


Discussion Forum

Ready to start my lessons again :-)

Started by LunaWind Dec 11, 2017. 0 Replies

Question on lesson 1

Started by Rev. David McDonald. Last reply by scentedrose Jul 7, 2015. 10 Replies

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Comment by Susan Wheeler on May 18, 2009 at 2:21pm
once you know how to and know that you can trust yourself to bring through correctly most of the time, it is easy. The problem with spirit communication is with us - not so much on their side. You get people with whom you can chat easily - the same with them.

I want you to think with whom you would want to make contact first - pick someone you know well - family or friend, and let me know. Once we get to the actual lesson on sittings/readings, it will be best to start with someone familiar. This will remove some of your fears when we start.
Comment by Susan Wheeler on May 18, 2009 at 2:05pm
You know, by addressing fears, they will eventually diappear anyway. I also think that others might have the same concerns and fears and it does help to know that you're not alone.

My mom for instance says that she's afraid of seeing spirits - she thinks that it can only be a scary experience. Well, if one works unprotected and allows in just any spirit, then yes, it can get scary I think, but one should always remember that they cannot hurt you! You are also within your rights if you ask a scary spirit to rather leave, but sometimes these poor souls just need healing - and you do it with Reiki or simply send white light into the spirit until its appearance and demeanor changes. I think you'll remember the lesson on personifying your charkras and addressing the chakra person that appears to you? It absolutely works in the same way with spirit people! Easy hey?
Comment by Susan Wheeler on May 18, 2009 at 1:12pm
Please note that a very important part of the course is the psychic exercises that are part of the Correllian Degree studies. You should ideally have done the 1st degree exercises, but you may still do these with these lessons.

Practical tasks will be posted in the discussion forum, at least once a month, and it is required that you try and contact a spirit as indicated in the practical, with the aim of getting a message. Please let me know if you succeeded and post me the message as well. if you don't succeed, it's no train smash - simply try another task at another time.

There are a few reasons for not being able to make contact - you might be sick, tired or distracted which might make it impossible for you to connect. The spirit might also not be available at the time you try, or not be able to tune in to your vibration. So, don't sweat - just try again later.

Good luck with the studies! Susan

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