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Academic Integrity Policy

Witch School expect honesty from students in presenting all of their academic work. Students are responsible for knowing and observing accepted principles of scholarly research and writing in all academic work.

Academic dishonesty or cheating includes acts of plagiarism, forgery, fabrication or misrepresentation, such as the following:

  • claiming the work or thoughts of others as your own
  • copying the writing of others into your written work without appropriate attribution
  • writing papers for other students or allowing them to submit your work as their own
  • buying papers and turning them in as your own
  • having someone else write or create all or part of the content of your assignments
  • submitting the same paper for more than one study or class without explicit permission from Mentors
  • making up or changing data for a research project
  • fabricating and/or altering documents and/or information in support of the degree program

School faculty and staff provide guidance regarding academic honesty through new student orientation programs and materials, learning contracts and study materials and other information resources.

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