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There is a Joseph Campbell study group meeting every Monday at 7:00 at the World of Witches museum. It is one of several study groups open to the public that the museum is offering. Right now, we are reading "Hero With a thousand Faces."


Joseph Campbell was one of the last great generalists. He is especially well known for his work in comparative mythology. His works inspired modern myths and epics of pop culture such as Star Wars. His book "Hero with a Thousand Faces" focuses on the similarities between the journeys of heroes from stories all over the world and what these stories can teach us about our own life journeys.


We'll be discussing the intro on Monday the 13th. If you can't make it into Salem, we are livecasting the study group here:


The study group is at the World of Witches Museum at 57 Wharf St. Salem Ma. If you have any questions, please feel free to message me or post here. Hope to see you Monday!




Melissa "Garlic" DeGenova

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