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I'm trying to get ideas for a pagan play group that would every few weeks in Salem Ma. It would be an interfaith pagan organization, and friendly to non pagan kids as well. It would lack the "preachy" component of sunday school classes, but would be educational and fun. The focus would be on sharing stories, family traditions, the wheel of the year and sabbats, and nature-based activities like hikes and scavenger hunts. It would be a furn way for pagan kids to meet each other and learn about different traditions and practices.

Since I'm not a parent myself, I wanted to get some input and advice. Would this sort of group be something you are interested in? What would you want your kids to get out of a group like this? do you have any experience with a similar group? How do you share your traditions and faith with your family and also what concerns might you have about a group like this?

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