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I am a first Degree priest in the Tradition and am working on second degree clergy through the Sacred Moon temple in Texas. I am also a constant contributor to the Order of Recovering Correllians since 2008 and creator of the Spirits In Recovery group here at WSI. I am a firm believer in Service to my friends, family, seeking clients, and to the older population in my town. Im a Karmic junkie and I believe we reap the rewards of selfless giving.
What have I done as a priest of our wonderful tradition? Would you like a book or just something I do daily? LOLOLOL
I will continue to show you all the ways that I give back to the Planet and to those less fortunate. There are no limits to service. So lets go and make our world, towns, and neighborhoods a better place for everyone!! Glad to be here!
Rev Willow Raine

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