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Merry Meet, Im going to share with you what I do to help our planet, my neighborhood, my country, and the city of Kamloops. First of all I do not tell others Im a Wiccan Priest. Really! I don't need the title to live and share in a spiritual life. Ive always been a very giving person. The kind of man who would give up my winter jacket to a cold and hungry homeless person. I volunteer my time to help the addicts and mentally ill in my community. Kamloops is a wonderful place to live. Through volunteering I have felt the loving heartbeat of my community. I have volunteered for the Salvation Army. Manning the Christmas kettles and ringing the bells! I have 3 different adopt a roads. This involves cleaning up roadside garbage every couple of months. I do it for Mother earth and because Im a clean freak, my community looks awesome.

I take pride in where I live. I know it sounds like Im rattling my own chain and believe me when I say that I learned a lesson long ago about that very thing.I was in Quebec visiting my sister Melody. Id just received my first degree from the Tradition. It took me 2 long years to complete the lessons and essays and projects. I was proud of myself. I stood on a cloudy pedestal and preached Wicca to whoever would listen. My brother in-law says to me one morning over coffee "Nobody cares what you believe Willow and you should keep your beliefs to yourself. Everybody has their own path just as you have yours." I thought about a few things and went back to my lessons where its taught that we should respect everyone. Regardless of WHAT they believe.In it harm none right? OK so I fell off that pedestal and firmly put my feet back on the ground. Its disrespectful to push my faith on another person. Its like Christians who stand on street corners preaching bible versus through a loud speaker. Ive walked past them myself and thought they were idiots who actually thought anybody cared.
Funny how things come to me. Lessons and experiencing spiritual happiness. Indeed I needed to look at myself before I looked at others. Wicca/Witchcraft is a lonesome journey. Its a journey of ascension only I can experience. And I do so with a lot of faith, hope, and gratitude. Ive grown in leaps and bounds over the past 5 years. Im STILL on second degree!!! LOLOL
So selflessness is our order.And selfless Ive become. I quietly do my service and I do it with gratitude. From serving others we serve ourselves. Karma has blessed me in so many ways and I never wonder why. Its just the way it is. I rise each morning and say "Spirit your in charge today" and end each night with these words " I am life, I am light, I am love".
I look forward to serving this group and WSI. So there ya have it!

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